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Life Should Be Easy

Daily tips on how to make your home life easier by emabracing who you are. We take today's home & life advice and show you whether or not it will work for you. Every week.

To Inspire Creativity, Deepen Connections, & Have More Fun

Parenting comes with a lot of responsibility and stress but it can come with even more fun and hilarity if you let it. Nina Coslov and Tara Keppler, both Organic Structures, offer great advice for all types because above all else they stress the importance of finding your own way.

Video Gossip with Katie & Kelly

Every week OR SO (umm, or every two years ... we promise to be back soon) ....watch a quick video of Katie & Kelly gossiping about current events and other fun cocktail party topics.

dear katie & kelly

Coming this fall! Send us your personal dilemmas — from how to organize your linen closet to how to get your mother-in-law to show up on time for Christmas dinner — we will solve them or make you laugh trying.

All submissions will be confidential and therefore we will endeavor to give each published problem punny pen names. Email info@pixiesdidit.com.

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Beware the Trickster's Wrath

Oh Halloween, there’s nothing like this spooky candy bacchanalia to see the differences in the types. Who are the killjoys who give out toothbrushes and apples? Which types tend to be the parents who don the costumes and set up a mini haunted house outside their abodes? And who are those annoying over achieving parents who insist it’s not Halloween unless you make your own costume?

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The Means May be Different, but the Result Is the Same

Kelly's Closet BEFOREHere’s a perfect example of how two disparate types accomplish the same goal of readying the front hall closet for the winter. When I organized my parent’s front hall closet, it took me, an Organic Freedom (NFP), up to three weeks on and off, whereas my sister knocked the chore off in an afternoon.

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Divide and Conquer

I'm certain we've already used this title because it's so true throughout life, especially when it comes to organization. Even more so for closet organization. I've just attacked my folks' front hall closet as we ready ourselves for winter in Cleveland and cohabitating with two retirees and a young family (as I continue to recover my health after major surgery earlier this year.)

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No. More. Mismatched. Hangers!

Ah Mommy Dearest and her hatred of wire hangers. We don't hate wire hangers. They're matching at least, and unless you have a ladies' maid or valet, then who is going to swap out those wire drycleaning hangers for more solid stuff? Yeah, not me either. But we're often asked for universal advice that holds true for all types and top of our list is: Matching Hangers. We can't tell you how revolutionary this advice is because you really have to see it to believe it. Especially you frugal types. But if you only listen to one piece of advice we give, this is the advice to take.

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Saying Goodbye Is Hard!

Fall is the best time to do “Organizational Spring Cleaning.” Why? Because Spring already has a lock on getting rid of Winter’s cobwebs and dust. Fall is about battening down the hatches and getting ready for the cold to come. So whenever the cold season is upon you, take the time to go through the abyss that is often known as the front hall closet before it threatens to topple down upon you in a sea of scarves and mittens from the 70s.

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