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Life Should Be Easy

Daily tips on how to make your home life easier by emabracing who you are. We take today's home & life advice and show you whether or not it will work for you. Every week.

To Inspire Creativity, Deepen Connections, & Have More Fun

Parenting comes with a lot of responsibility and stress but it can come with even more fun and hilarity if you let it. Nina Coslov and Tara Keppler, both Organic Structures, offer great advice for all types because above all else they stress the importance of finding your own way.

Video Gossip with Katie & Kelly

Every week OR SO (umm, or every two years ... we promise to be back soon) ....watch a quick video of Katie & Kelly gossiping about current events and other fun cocktail party topics.

dear katie & kelly

Coming this fall! Send us your personal dilemmas — from how to organize your linen closet to how to get your mother-in-law to show up on time for Christmas dinner — we will solve them or make you laugh trying.

All submissions will be confidential and therefore we will endeavor to give each published problem punny pen names. Email info@pixiesdidit.com.

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Sneak Peak: Dear Katie & Kelly

Along with a new website in the new year, we're also going to have a new blog. Here is a sneak peak. Enjoy.

Dear Katie & Kelly,

I’m an Organic Structure in my twenties and in a bit of a quandary. The nighttime doorman in the building where I work keeps asking me for my number. He says he wants to invite me to one of his fashion shows he does from time to time at his school. I usually just pretend I didn’t hear him and run to the elevator but what do I do if he presses me? I am not interested in him, I’m just nice to him because I feel sorry for him.


Unsure on the Upper East Side 

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What Kind of Gift List Do You Have?

I love that I am one of the most disorganized people in my family, and probably the most disorganized professional home organizer you know, and yet without a master holiday gift list I would not be able to enjoy the holidays to the fullest. My list isn't about what I want from Santa, it's the list of everything I'm getting or want to get for the people I'm exchanging gifts with. My list making mother was mightily impressed and so I thought this might be the time to share it as it's a handy Excel document that I've used for ten years.

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I'm Grateful for My iPad

I know. Thanksgiving is a week away and I should be grateful for all those easy standbys — my children, my parents, my health, etc. And I am, I swear I am. In fact just last week a young father in the neighborhood died suddenly of a heart attack, leaving his wife and three children behind and suddenly I had absolutely no problems at all and a ridiculously long list to be grateful for. 

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Like with Like & National Geographic Decor

I know that "Like with Like" is a no-duh organization 101 kind of thing, but I cannot tell you how many times we've come into somebody's home and found beautiful things cluttering up the space making it look like a mess when all we need to do is move a few things around and voila!: organization, beauty and original decor. Better yet for all the Organics (NFs), Classic Freedoms (SFJs) and Fun Freedoms (SFPs) — you don't have to throw anything out.

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You're Doing It Wrong!

I've got to give the idea for this PixieTip to Kelly who sent the link to me weeks ago. It made me laugh out loud for real and taught me way too many things that I just should have known. It's a link to this Web Star called Crazy Russian Hacker. His videos include tons of "life hacks" which for those of us born in the previous century means "short cuts" or simple ways to make life easier. Perfect PixieTip fodder. I have to admit to knowing almost none of these — including how to stop your plastic wrap roll from popping out of the container — and for being impressed with quite a few of these inventive ways to do things better like using an onion ring to make a perfectly round fried egg. Only Funs (SPs) would have the patience to figure out hacks like these. Thankfully we can all benefit! Check it out here.

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