Let’s Get Physical, Physical!

http://www.liketotally80s.com/images/letsgetphysical.jpgToday we’re talking exercise and personality type. The key to sticking with it? If you’ve failed in the past, don’t try the same things over and over expecting different results. That is the definition of insanity. Shake it up and listen to some of our tips. And a note to Organic Freedoms and Smart Freedoms, getting into an exercise routine is going against your type and VERY hard to keep up. So, give yourself some slack & forgiveness.

Feed Me, Seymour!

Ah, good old “Lil Shop of Horrors”. One of my childhood friends loved this movie AND Rick Moranis. She’s probably the only person I know with a crush on him but as my childhood crush was Darth Vader, you know what they say about people in glass houses …

Necessary Evils?

GOOPI did my very first cleanse this week (2 days). I’d say the hardest thing about it was finding the time to do it but that would be a lie. It was hard not to eat for 2 days (okay 1 day … my first day was interrupted by my husband’s office holiday dinner).

Resolving to Resolve

http://www.gapersblock.com/detour/gfx/resolutions_01012007.jpgNew Year’s Resolutions. I have no idea what mine was last year because I didn’t write it down and as a Classic, if it’s going to get done, I have to write it down. But, the trap all personality types encounter with resolutions is that they’re so vague & rarely do any of us have a plan to back up our resolutions.

To make my point, let’s take a gander at the top 10 New Year’s Resolutions, Like the ones I found on Now Public http://www.nowpublic.com/health/top-10-new-years-resolutions-2009:

the bearable bonus of buying wrapping paper organizers

Merry Christmas! So we told you to take the day off and and nap on Thanksgiving. This holiday many of you are taking the day off and we salute you. For those of you with downtime (and that might include those of you surveying the mess) go ahead an find a way to corral the gift wrapping for next year. So you have no interest whatsoever in MAKING any kind of gift wrap station? Fear not, there are attractive and useful gift wrap storage systems that will work for all personality types. Or you can do what I do and only buy presents at Barnes & Noble which will wrap for free. Ah. The perfect wrapping station for the Organic Freedom.

the bearable burden of storing gift wrap

Okay. Its D-Day. Christmas Eve. How is your Christmas Wrapping Station going? Not at all? A big pile of paper and ribbons in the corner? Here’s an easy solution to get it all up the floor and in an unused or packed closet from Real Simple Magazine by way of Apartment Therapy! (and both are great resources for organizational ideas.)

the bearable brightness of gift wrapping

We realize this project might be too much to implement in the week before Christmas, but for those of you who don’t have to deal, this might be just the downtime for it. Also those of you who are dealing up the wazoo, then you’ll have some hands-on reality of what your needs are. The downtime after Christmas might be just the time. Especially you get things done Classics.

the bearable beauty of gift wrapping

We realize that this gift wrapping station project is not what you want to be taking on the week before Christmas, but if you’re a Classic who’s already done with your holiday cards, your gift buying, decorations, etc, then maybe you’ll be able to take it on. This calm and serene gift wrap station comes from the high priestess of home living, Martha Stewart.

the unbearable burden of wrapping gifts.

We realize that many of you Classics have already taken care of this, but for those of you who haven’t, the worst part of holiday gift wrapping is the big mess of paper and ribbons at the bottom of the closet. Here’s an idea that’s pretty quick and easy to throw together.

Fun Fridays

Today, we have Funs on our minds for our Fun Fact. High school sometimes felt like one big monotonous routine and I say this as Classic who revels in routine. Funs, Smart & Organic Freedoms bore of routine more easily than other types but Funs are more present tense focused than Smart & Organic Freedoms. They might not see the point of learning about a plant in Botany inside a fluorescent lit classroom – why not be outside exploring the real thing? Therefore, it’s not total surprising that Funs make up 60% of high school dropouts.