2 Simple Ways to Keep Organized

Today’s tips from Family Circle.com: 55 Ways to Clear Clutter are almost so obvious, I wonder if there’s really a person who hasn’t thought to do them already? The first? “Don’t hide a beautiful bowl in the china cabinet. Instead, show it off on top of the dresser and use it to hold everyday necessities like your watch, wallet, and rings.” – Meryl Starr, author of The Home Organizing Workbook

Sleeping with the enemy

More tips from Family Circle.com: 55 Ways to Clear Clutter.

“Keep ladles, tongs, and spatulas in place by attaching adhesive Velcro strips to both the handles and the bottom of the utensil drawer.” — Julie Edelman, author of The Ultimate Accidental Housewife (Hyperion).

Is it just me or is this idea way too reminiscent of that 90s flick Sleeping with the Enemy? Can’t you just see the evil husband with his 70s mustache saying to Julia Roberts, “Honey, why is the soup ladle where the spatula should go?”

Out of sight, out of mind

This is a great solution for Classics & funs determined to hide everythingToday’s tip is about getting things out of site. “A handsome, vintage cabinet or sleek modern, console can cleverly hide everything from books and games to a flat-screen TV.” – Kim Myles, host of Myles of Style. As a Classic, I’m always trying to hide clutter out of site, so naturally I love this solution (and the proof is that my husband often accuses me of hiding his things, which is only half true). There are some types (Organics & Smarts) that need to be VERY careful with what they hide because out of site can often = out of mind for you.

Junk Drawers: Friend or Foe?

When Katie posted this picture to this post, I laughed out loud. her junk drawers (YES, there are plural) look like this for maybe a week’s time. Then they devolve into utter chaos and bleed into more drawers.  Today’s tips from Family Circle allude to the benefits of junk drawers and I agree.

New Use for Old Thing

“Rather than splurge on a pricey charging station for phones and iPods, make one out of a console or table by drilling small holes for the cords in the back of a top drawer.” – Lori Marrero, creator of The Clutter Diet. At first, I read this tip in Family Circle and thought “Good Lord. Who’s going to do that??” But, a Classic or Organic Structure could do this in 2 seconds … now if only my console table HAD a drawer, so much for streamlined, modern furniture.

Keeping Kids’ Clothes Tidy … Oxymoron?

“Keep shelves tidy by rolling kids’ T-shirts, sweaters, and sweatshirts instead of folding.” – Stephanie Vozza, founder of theorganizedparent.com. We featured one of Vozza’s tips from Family Circle‘s 55 Ways to Clear Clutter on Monday. Again as a Classic, I am drawn to her solution (many organizers are Classics) but her solution might be tough for an Organic or Smart to maintain on a shelf. We offer a few small changes that might make it easier for each type.

Clear DVD Clutter

Today’s tip from 55 Ways to Clear Clutter on Family Circle’s website is about saving space … “Slip your movie collection into DVD albums, organized by genre — comedies, dramas, and cartoons — so it’s a cinch to flip through. Recycle the empty cases through freecycle.org. -Regina Leeds, author of One Year to an Organized Work Life (Da Capo)” This tip is such a space saver and could work for most when space is tight. But there are some drawbacks to this solution depending on your type.

Get More Done

http://image.normthompson.com/solutions/images/us/local/products/detail/82418.jpgToday’s tip from 55 Ways to Clear Clutter on Family Circle’s website is about multi-tasking. “Keep a portable file tote for catalogs, thank-you notes, shopping lists, and a menu planner. Take it with you for when you’re waiting in the school carpool lane and check things off your to-do list. — Stephanie Vozza, founder of theorganizedparent.com.”

Frugal Friday!

Today we have a tip about coupons from my dear Facebook friend Kathy-Dawn Hevelka. I suspect that she is a Fun Freedom, because I don’t think any type but a Fun would have the wherewithal to follow through so tenaciously on these bargains. Plus, more than any other type, Funs LOVE A BARGAIN…and they hate paying retail. I didn’t know that you didn’t have to pay retail until I met my first Fun friends. (And I tend to have a lot of them, because Organic Freedoms and Funs are all woefully remiss in staying in touch or being on time, and so are easy to forgive this shortcoming!) But this would also be helpful for Classics as well. Smarts and Organics? No. Just no.

In Your FACE! … book

http://a.images.blip.tv/MomTV-QABelowParts615-135.jpgAre you friends with your significant other on Facebook? Annabelle Gurwitch and Jeff Kahn, authors of You Say Tomato, I Say Shut Up, are most definitely NOT Facebook friends and their marriage is all the stronger for it. What’s this about? You guessed it, smart acceptance of type difference.