Try a Chic Tray

This tip is from “Glam New Closet” In Style, January 2009. “Why are scarves and gloves always bunched at the bottom of the drawer? Shimmery stackables offer a stylish alternative. [Use serving trays to store scarves and gloves.]” This is a great idea and a way to expand your storage alternatives outside buyers’ fashion decisions at Bed, Bath & Beyond or The Container Store. But before you head to the store, remember, the devil is in the details.  

Show Off Your Assets

This tip from “Glam New Closet” In Style, January 2009 is for the Organics and Smarts out there. “The most modest of collections will look dazzling when you display them like this. [Use bookends to keep your clutches in check].” I thought this was the coolest idea ever until I thought about where I’d put it and realized I had no room in my closet. That’s also when I realized exactly which types this tip was for …  


Reveal a Little Lace

Back again with a tip from “Glam New Closet” In Style, January 2009: “What’s flirtier than hanging your dainty under-things from a pretty knob [i.e., use an attractive drawer pull as a wall hook]” Of course, I laughed at their unintended play on words (or was it?) This tip is a version of our tip about hooks from a couple weeks ago. It is something that I wouldn’t think to do as a Classic, but it could still work for me.  

Find A Hanger You Love

This gem is from “Glam New Closet” In Style, January 2009. “[Find a hanger you love,] toss the rest, and voilà: a DIY designer boutique.” I don’t know about a boutique but it’ll make your closet look amazing. But, as easy as it sounds, there could be some snags for certain types when implementing this tip.  

Think Beyond Wire Racks

This tip is from “Glam New Closet” In Style, January 2009. “Sometimes the most clever storage ideas weren’t designed for your closet. [Use a glass hurricane candle holder to store belts.]” At first glance, I just thought, “Wow, what a neat idea. You can see all of your belts. No more digging for a belt.” Then I pictured what would happen if I lifted up the glass to get to the bottom belt …  

Go to Extremes

“In your home, classic black-and-white—shown in a living room by L.A. Designers Woodson and Rummerfield—is inexpensive and widely available but always looks lavish. For added interest, work in a third color, such as hot pink, red or yellow.” Clearly, this tip from In Style’s January 2009 “Extra Splash In a Flash” isn’t for the tradition bound Classics out there like me, but there are ways to tweak the advice to fit your type.

Add a Touch of High Gloss

“Few wall treatments make a room feel more glamorous than lacquer—but trying to apply it is a Herculean effort. With these shiny new papers, you can unfurl that Hollywood Regency look right onto your walls.” This tip from In Style’s January 2009 “Extra Splash In a Flash” seems easy, but I can attest that it is BEYOND difficult to paint with lacquer (super high gloss paint.) I did it for Katie once and it was next to impossible. But, man does it look good on walls and furniture.

Give Everything a Beautiful Place

“Clear your desk of old keys, coins and Rubber bands, and keep them elegantly out of sight.” This tip from In Style’s January 2009 “Extra Splash In a Flash” is MADE for Classics. To everything a place and everything in its place … WITH LIDS. But, mainly, I think I just like the gold factor.

Trim Your Shelves in Gold

“Get a hit of the Gilded Age by Painting bookshelves—or even just the edges—in shimmering gold. Pair with saturated reds or navy blues for a palatial feel, or head in a more modern direction with pastels.” As I looked at this gorgeous photo from In Style’s January 2009 “Extra Splash In a Flash,” I though “Pastels?” As a Classic, this one had me laughing out loud as I have NO idea how I would end up making this look good in my own home.

Personalize Your Sheets

“All linens resemble royal bedding when they’re emblazoned with your signature stamp.” I couldn’t agree more with this tip from In Style’s January 2009 “Extra Splash In a Flash.” I ADORE monograms. For my wedding invites, I even one upped the monogram and made my own “crest”. Did I mention I was a British History major and am a reforming Anglophile, who already has her plan set for Prince William’s wedding to Kate Middleton? (I did say that I was reforming. Ha! Says Katie. Ever since that middle of the morning wake up to watch Princess Diana wed Prince Charles, Kelly’s been a goner.)