Redesign What You Have for a Better Fit

uwyh_decorating_softcoverOkay fine, Classics & Funs, here’s a better furniture idea for you in these recessionary times. Use what you already have. Home decor doesn’t come easy to you guys so this is the cheapest way we know to make your house LOOK and WORK better without spending a dime on new furniture.

Have Furniture That Fits Your Life

Life is too short to hold onto anything that doesn’t serve its purpose in terms of form and function or to keep a piece of furniture that doesn’t work in your home or make you happy. And yes, I know, we’re supposed to be frugal right now (Classics,) be careful with our money (Funs and Organic Structures,) but if we ever want to get our economy moving, (Smarts) we need to spend stimulate the economy with cash, which will eventually save the world (Organic Freedoms) and make everyone better off in the long run. The banks certainly aren’t doing it, so who else will?

Find a Shoe that Fits the kind of person who hates to go shopping or talk to people online shopping was quite a wonderful discovery to me. A mental and physical time saver. It was the ideal solution for this busy (Introverted) Organic Freedom. The only caveat? Returning the stuff that doesn’t fit. Frankly no matter what I do, it takes me forever to return stuff, and I despise going to the post office, and if I have to return something well, it’s going to take me a while. So we usually counsel caution when onlin shopping for the types who aren’t as obsessd about checking stuff off their lists — Organic Freedoms, Smart Freedoms and Funs.

Give a Gift that Fits giving is an art. We know. Some people are ridiculously good at it, and others just don’t see the point. And yes, it’s completely a personality type thing. But anyone has the ability to push their preference and get gifts that fit the person they’re giving to.

Buy a Bra That Fits is the most important element to any outfit? No, not accessories, nor shoes, nor bottoms or tops, what’s MOST IMPORTANT is what’s underneath and it ain’t your body. It’s that damn bra. A good one, however, can make or break an outfit. Our brassieres can literally take off ten pounds in two seconds, or add ten years.

Photo Boxes on the Right, Scrapbooks on the Left?

Where to buy: Small handled clear case, $13; and Library flat file, $10: Kolo Noci Mini photo albums (with ribbon), $13 each, Clamshell-lid negative/print storage box (similar to 1992 box shown), $13.25; and glassine envelopes, $14 for 100:, no, not according to Real Simple. Because left brained people like to squirrel things away, photo boxes seem like the best solution for them. And they are a great solution for Funs who tuck photos away in boxes and remember where they are. But its nice to look in a book and see all the photos in one place, especially with the big push into the digital world, where those boxes only take up space on your computer, or external drive.

Jewels All Around

Where to buy: 10-compartment jewelry box, $20, (Find more acrylic jewelry storage, starting at $10, at Simple’s article about organizing for your personality uses left-brain/right-brain science to divide us into two camps — the tidy and the um, not so tidy. And while this is true when you look at the extremes — Classics are extremely left-brained and tidy while Organic Freedoms and Smart Freedoms are extremely right-brained, and um not so tidy — those inbetweeners like the Funs, Organic Structures, and Smart Structures are a bit of both. But when it comes to retrieving, using and storing jewelry, it’s very clearly a right brained/left brained activity, with those inbetweeners using a combination of Real Simple’s ideas.

Keepsakes on the Left and Right

Medina boxes by Tozai Home, small, $82, and large, $98: Birch boxes, $30 for four (available late May), Unfinished-wood divided boxes, $16 each, Kate’s Paperie, 800-809-9880.Once again, the Real Simple right/left brain personality type advice is awesome but only works for half the types. Keepsakes are a visual problem. Left brained people (Classics & Funs) don’t want to SEE all those little ticket stubs, matchboxes, etc. taking up space. Whereas Right brained people (Organics and Smarts) want to see them. Some of them lack the follow-through to do anything with them.


Before purgePurge!

The best thing you can do to improve the organization and utilitarian use of your closet is to get rid of half of it. We tend to wear 20% of our wardrobe, so what is that other stuff doing? It creates stale energy, it makes it harder to find the clothes you actually like and every single personality type can benefit from this kind of Spring Clean. Before summer begins, get rid of everything that:

1. Doesn’t Fit

2. Doesn’t make you feel fabulous


Drawers for you Drawers

Elfa drawers on the left in closet free up space in bureausA dresser is a must for all types. But Classics and Funs can and should use them much more liberally than Organics and Smarts. Why? Funs and Classics can and do squirrel things away and know exactly where everything is at a moment’s notice. Not so much with Organics and Smarts. Out of site is out of mind for them and so usually the bottom of the stack doesn’t get touched. So if you can, hang as much as possible. Pants, jeans, even camisoles and thin sweaters. I think I might even start hanging my t-shirts and yoga pants. Those drawers are always a mess.