The Sharks Are Circling

Tracy goes to a job fair. Gulp. A slice of the cultural milieu that I never want to have to experience first hand. Thankfully she braves it for us.

I Have Greatly Overestimated My Powers

I just don’t know about this week. Right now I’ve got cramps and a headache from what I believe to be an oncoming cold that, if I was a more careful person, I wouldn’t be getting right now, but there was a cute little 10 month old named Annabelle in my parents’ house this weekend. What exactly could I do except hold her and tell her about the world? So don’t know about making the Cassoulet.

Pro Palettes

Having lots of different colors to choose from all in one place is the height of convenience. Plus there’s so much to experiment with! Our makeup expert lets us know which palettes are the best.

Imposing Structure on Other People

Can it actually be done? Yes and no. Its not about controlling, but about setting the stage for optimum results. If you KNOW how other personalitites get things done, you can prime the pump for the likelihood of success. After four years of working with Kate and 37 years of being her little sister, Kelly would know!

Summer Cassoulet

Sure it makes more sense in the winter, but Amanda swears by what she calls “Dark ‘n Stormies.” Perfect for when a thunderstorm chills off the day’s heat and leaves everything a bit damp.

“A gem is not polished without rubbing, nor a man perfected without trials.”

Tracy muses melancholic again in the middle of the night, but she’s got lots on her mind. Looking for work, for inspiration, for purpose.

Katie Can Do It!

Now that she knows that she can drive to Cleveland from NYC one day and then make a mean tart the next, she is probably overly confident that she can drive back from Pittsburgh on one day and make a mean soup the next, but she’s betting she will because she’s so damn cool right now.

Fave Sunscreens

The Makeup Pixie shares her favorite sunscreens as Founding Pixies Kelly and Katie kick it up “summering in Cleveland.” Yah baby, we are HOT in Cleveland, and we have the inside track on the best SPF.

Sharks in Pools

This is one of Kelly’s biggest fears. She always thought she was a nut (oh and I did too…) but apparently it’s a lot more common than you think. For instance, I found this photo on a Facebook page.

Pattypan, Basil, & Chevre Soup

Nothing like a squash soup. It’s the only soup Katie will even deem to eat, but she loves it with a passion. And this one is the perfect interpretation of summer. And she will be making it herself too. She hopes.