Define Carefree?

I ask again, “Do Classics actually know how to relax?” After having spent three weeks with my sister I have to say I don’t think so. It is harder for them to do this than anything else. But at least she keeps trying.

Squash Ribbon Pizza with Blossoms, Basil, & Anchovies

Pizza Pizza Pizza! This is the light, Italian appetizer version and it is quite delicioso! Dig in and do as the Romans do.

“I Took a Deep Breath and Listened to the Old Bray of My Heart. I Am. I Am. I Am.” Sylvia Plath

Oh a bunch of great photos for the weekend. Babies in the bath and funky self-portraits.

Malibu Barbie Girl

There will always be a part of me that wishes she was a California babe. Blonde, leggie, and always tan. Think Jennifer Aniston but always 17. Yes, I can do fantasy very well. But, at least I got a to pretend for real, for a whole week, that I could be a California Girl.


Oh the never ending under eye issue. Frankly I think we need to just live and let live, but mom thinks she has an issue, so our intrepid expert dives in. And I admit, I’m always trying to diminish those hereditary circles.

Wine Caves, Taking Chances and Organization-Part Deux

Okay, so why exactly couldn’t one of my friends have her bachelorette in this beautiful country? Come to think of it, why couldn’t I? How come my bachelorettes have only involved bad Italian restaurants with penis cakes and bad dance clubs? Kelly has all the best friends.

Apricot Chestnut Tarte Tatin

Oh I love a good tarte. And I love yummy sweet fruit. So there’s a good chance that I might actually make this treat for Lousy Housewife. Maybe.

The Laundry Fairy Has the Flu

Doing laundry, Tracy peruses an old notebook and finds some old writing. She shares with us her writing and in it her struggles with infertility and coming to terms with the life she’s been given.

Okay, Delaware Doesn’t Totally Suck

Okay, so I might have been quick to judge Delaware’s beaches. Upon closer inspection, if you ask the lifegaurds, they will turn their music down, and they’ll let you fly kites and play ball. So I relaxed, read a bunch of books, and got a good tan.

Lipstains Continued: Josie Maran & Returning to Work

More information on Lip Stains. Becca has test driven Josie Maran’s lipstain and is getting ready to start back at work. Yeah, those TV types start back before the summer’s end.