Doggy duvets — and cats too

Daily Grommet’s Selection of Molly Mutt Duvet’sSo yesterday’s tip was really for Classics—basic and traditional dog beds. Today’s tip that we found on Daily Grommet will appeal more to the Organics and Funs out there. These duvets by Molly Mutt are funkier and hipper. But, a few Classics might just be attracted to the much cheaper price point.

Harry Barker Bedroll

Harry Barker’s BedrollI was going to title this “Dog & Cat Beds” to maximize interest but then I realized that a place named Harry Barker can’t double as a cat retailer. Though when it comes to beds, I’d imagine they’re after the same thing — a nice, soft, clean place to lay their weary head after a tough day? I first discovered this website on One Kings Lane and have been plotting ever since which bed I’m going to buy my surly mini-schnauzer, Hattie.


This was Kate’s PixieTip idea and to be honest, I was hesitant to have it as a tip because I didn’t really get what was “easy” about magnetic changeable jewelry. Then I visited the website and realized what she was talking about. This isn’t fine jewelry, it’s fun.

Tear Mender

This is for all you non-sewers out there who find something ripped — an umbrella, a leather couch or a loose hem — and don’t know what to do. Tear mender is a permanent fix and it’s been around since 1932. It’s also probably for people who rip the crotch of their work slacks in such a way that it’s un-sewable but they are too cheap to buy a new pair— and you know who you are.

Fit & Fold

At first I was going to title this “Folding Sheets for Dummies” but then I remembered the entire world is not made up of Martha Stewart wannabe’s like myself who, after getting fed up with my messy linen closet, studied Martha’s technique on how to fold fitted sheets. It’s ingenious.

Wonder Thunder Reusable Produce Bags

Blue LargeLong before being green was hip, I eschewed plastic produce bags. But, not because I was an early green convert. It just seemed redundant to put produce in a plastic bag to then go inside another plastic bag when I was just going to wash it at home anyway. Now there’s a way to be good eco stewards while protecting your vegetables en route home, unlike me who continues to leave mine defenseless.

Not Your Uncle’s Placemats

I love placemats, especially non-fabric ones like these, because they make my life easier. They contain the mess on to something that I can easily shake off and it doesn’t involve laundering or ironing. These one’s from Bob’s Your Uncle are really cool. They have a few different types, so guaranteed to please all.


Before I looked up this product on Daily Grommet, it sounded as if it was something I’d use on my car. It is not. It is something for my freezer that I have been in desperate need of ever since my beloved Eurosealer died but have been too lazy to find something better than my jerry-rigged solutions.

Daily Grommet

What is Daily Grommet? “… an online marketplace where you can discover and buy inventive, new products and learn their true stories.” It’s kind of like Daily Candy except less focused on fashion and trends and more focused on cool and useful. It’s a great place to search for gifts.

Bungalow Scout Bags

Today’s tip is a sneak preview of all of the cool things we’re going to bring you next week from a website called Daily Grommet. The Bungalow Scout collection of bags is kind of a marriage between the LL Bean classic tote and the BlueQ Shopper.