For Moms, Sisters, and Girlfriends

Basically I looked at these sites and thought, “I want that.” So I figure since I’m a mom, a sister and a girlfriend, that yours might like them too. Yes I’m an Organic Freedom, so I tend to like artsy fartsy stuff, but frankly, I think that means I have a better sense of style. Classic Freedom Kelly will beg to differ I’m sure, but I figure she will weigh in and add some of her two cents…

Home Gift Meccas

This week we’ve got nothing but gift ideas to get you started on holiday shopping for Christmas, and help you with LAST minute shopping for Hannukah. Today we’re going to focus on the gift offerings in our favorite home catalogs.

Real Simple Party Formula

It’s a good bet to buy this magazine JUST for the holiday gift ideas, but it’s also chock full of other good stuff too. Best little black dress, holiday decor ideas, stress free party planning, and thought provoking essays for this reflective time of year.

Martha Crafts Hanukkah

While we didn’t love Martha for her gift ideas, she certainly wasn’t the worst, and she’s got some killer craft ideas for the Classics and Funs who have time on their hands this Thanksgiving week.

Oprah Rocks Anyway

So while I couldn’t possibly afford any of the gift ideas in this month’s magazine, I was still duly inspired by her holiday message. Which is Awe and Miracles. Sigh. Gets me every time. It’s funny, because last month the magazine had no Thanksgiving type message pulling through the magazine, but this month they hit it out of the park. It actually changed my perception of myself. Yeah. There’s a reason she’s a billionaire.

Rachael Ray Rocks

Okay, so I’m not always impressed with Everyday with Rachael Ray. It tends to be cooking heavy, which is not my thing, but of course makes sense considering Rachael Ray’s focus. This month’s holiday issue, however, has tons of great gift ideas and totally gives Real Simple a run for their money.

Gift Ideas Are Not Good Enough!

Good Housekeeping is a secret pleasure of mine, and it’s the most read women’s magazine out there. And while I am on the hunt for affordable and nice holiday gifts, this month’s edition does not hold up. (Full disclaimer: We bought our dishwasher based on their recommendation and it has been replaced once, all the wheels have fallen off and I regularly find flecks of dirt on my glasses. It’s a disaster…) So, again, I’ve been disappointed lately by Good Housekeeping.

Sigh. Real Simple Wins the Gift Idea Prize

Oh, I admit it, this is my favorite magazine. I have had a subscription since it’s inception and I’ve always loved it. But frankly, now that I’m casting a critical eye on it, it’s still holds up. Their gift giving guide makes sense for these economic times — 100 Gifts under $50. And they’re cool gifts. On the first page of the guide I liked practically everything they had, plus it gave me ideas for other stuff.

Type Gifting? Martha Almost Pulls It Off

Well I did expect the gifts suggestions to be somewhat on the expensive side, but so far, Gayle and her $700 robes are still ahead. Martha’s ideas are downright thrifty in comparison!

Oooh La La, C’est Cher!

Right now, “Oooh La La,” is my 5 year old daughter’s favorite expression. It’s quite something coming out of her mouth, with that high pitched sweet little voice. I love the French expression because it’s probably one of the only things I remember from my French Textbook. “Oooh La La! C’est Cher!” Oh my goodness that’s expensive!