Christmas Cake

You are in for a treat. Today we have Christmas cake à la Amanda Darrach Filippone. Perfect for “do it yesterday” Classics and for every personality type that loves Christmas feasts. The Pixies will be on Christmas vacation for the next three weeks. Yes, three, there are twelve days of Christmas and it ends on January 6th, aka, Epiphany, which will also mark our Grandpa’s 93rd birthday!:

No mixed peel or glacé cherries here, this is the good stuff – Christmas cake you’ll actually look forward to year after year. The cake is best made on Stir Up Sunday (traditionally the last Sunday before the season of Advent), and then brushed with brandy or sherry every couple of days until it “ripens,” just in time for Christmas. But if you’re coming to the Christmas cake game later in the season, don’t be deterred. Even a few days make a difference, or just give the cake a healthy dose of the brandy or sherry before decorating and serving.

Standing Rib Roast

Today, we’re travelling down the Christmas day menu from brunch to  Christmas supper because if we didn’t include this recipe — from the amazing Amanda Darrach Filippone — you’d keel over from a sugar overdose at some point eating your way through our suggestions. It seems easy enough for almost any personality type to conquer! Enjoy:

This is probably the most impressive celebratory roast you can make. Letting the meat stand for half an hour to take the chill off it before roasting takes the guesswork out of cooking times.

Grandma Mc’s Sweet Breads

My family Christmas tradition is to nosh on sweet breads — banana nut bread & nut bread— with butter or cream cheese as we tear into Christmas gifts all morning long. And no, I do not mean the disgusting kind of sweetbreads — or rather what I deem disgusting because I am not a big animal gland fan. Whoever came up with the term sweetbreads to describe animal glands was a million dollar copywriter. What a misnomer! But yet I digress, these breads are the yummiest and will not only hold starvation at bay but become part of your family tradition as well.

Aunt Kathie’s Sticky Buns

Next up, on our Christmas Day menu is our Aunt Kathie’s Sticky Buns. Our aunt used to make these sticky buns every Thanksgiving — they are a perfect mix of cinnamon, caramelized brown sugar, pecans and hearty dough. They can be made in advance of the holiday, they freeze well and they will satisfy the masses on Christmas Day. Plus you’re likely to have leftovers for Boxing Day — you know, when the servants get their day off.

Aunt Kathie’s Buttermilk Oatmeal White Bread

This recipe — which is delicious and reminds you what bread should taste like — plus tomorrow’s recipe took me almost 8 hours to complete. And to think my Aunt Kathie would make this bread plus sticky buns plus several pies before every Thanksgiving whilst working in corporate America, running a household and raising two kids. I always knew my Aunt Kathie was an amazing woman but after attempting her bread recipe, I realized just how much I had to live up to because this bread makes any meal special.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas Part Deux

Today we’ve got some more good ideas from another great knick knack website, Kikkerland. I also threw in a couple of kid gift ideas. And yes, even kids have personality types — remember nurture is only a small part of who we are, there’s a lot of nature in personality type. But, on to our first Kikkerland idea: submarine reusable ice cubes. These chill a drink without watering it down. Good for all personality types who enjoy a chilled Chardonnay without the wait — so maybe only skip this one for Smart Structures (NTJ).

Smart Gift Ideas Part Deux

Smarts (NJs) can appreciate perfection but they’re rarely the ones who like to see to all the minutiae. Nothing makes them happier than when someone else takes care of the details for them. Out of this observation springs our advice for the best kind of gifts for Smarts — anything that takes care of the details for them. First up, a set of Letterpress stationery that’s pre-stamped from The Forgetful Gentleman. You don’t get higher quality than Letterpress and frankly, who wouldn’t appreciate pre-stamped envelopes? It would make anyone’s life easier.

Organic Gift Ideas Part Deux

Last week I warned you not to go too practical with Organics (NFs) or risk their secret hidden wrath — oh yes, beneath their sweet demeanor, they remember everything only it’s all hidden away to maintain harmony until BOOM they can’t take it anymore! But alas, I digress. This week, I’ll edit my previous statement and say that you should never get an Organic something obscenely practical they didn’t ask for UNLESS there is an amazing story behind it.

Fun Gift Ideas Part Deux

In personality type lingo land, Funs (SPs) are often called Artisans. They love doing things with their hands. It’s why so many Funs end up in hands-on professions — makeup artists, musicians, chefs. So today’s tip is that these are the folks to buy artisan crafted items or artisanal foods.  They are the ones who will truly appreciate the craftsmanship and effort put into makings these things. Like these meat clevers made by Zach Lihatsh from recycled steel and copper. Does that scream handmade or what? 

Classic Gift Ideas Part Deux

Last week I warned you never to push Classic’s (SJs) beyond their boundaries. I did this to protect you, dear reader, as you learned the personality ropes. But, I think you’re ready to learn how to push Classics ever so gently beyond their boundaries. The trick is to find something that incorporates their sensibilities — which for Classics is timeless, traditional, and practical — with some modern or funky pizzazz. And if you were reading last week, you’d know precisely why we chose this cool bracelet! But if you want to play it safe, there’s a new website MADE for Classics called C Wonder.