Forever 21

I don’t know why people over the age of 30 are apprehensive about going into Forever 21 because it is not just your for  teeny boppers like me. They have ton of variety and all personality types can find something to their liking.  They not only have trendy pieces for everyone but their jewelry is to die for and always under 15 dollars. Organic Freedom Katie still gets compliments on a $7 dollar triple strand of beads.

Stickk to It!

I have no idea how I found this website but I thought it was a neat way to help you stick to a goal and achieve it. StickK is a website designed to promote a healthier lifestyle for you by allowing you to create “Commitment Contracts.” but your goals can really be anything. At the very least, writing down your goal and a time frame makes the likelihood of it happening that much more real.

The Buddy System a.k.a. Weight Watchers

As an introvert, Weight Watchers always seemed like an onerous institutionalized buddy system. But, I have quite a few friends who have lost and maintained weight successfully through the Weight Watchers program. There’s a reason it’s been around for over 40 years. It can be a great resource depending on who you are. Now with their new online version, it can work for everyone, well, almost everyone.

Hire Someone to Help You, Duh!

This may seem obvious to some but if you’ve hit a plateau with your weightloss or fitness goal — or any type of goal for that matter — consider hiring someone to help you break through that barrier. For some reason, we are all willing to plop down cash to purchase a physical object but are often hesitant to do the same for a service. Today’s tip is about why to reconsider this hesitation.

Giving Up Already?

Getting in shape and losing weight is tougher for some personality types than others. Today’s tip is about how to find the best way to motivate yourself depending on your personality type. The 8 Colors of Fitness book by Suzanne Brue and its website helps you figure out who you are, how to get in shape and how to stay in shape.

Tap Water in Canteens

Tap water has always been around but it’s making a resurgence with new age canteens and water fountains much to the chagrin of bottled water manufacturers. FINALLY! I say this, not as an ardent environmentalist I am not, but as a wife who hates my husband’s illogical obsession with bottled water as “better” than tap — as if he’s ever done chemical or taste tests to prove his hypothesis. You’d think paying for an essentially free good would be enough of a deterrent.

Soda Jerks

Yes, they’re back. But, this time, you can be your own soda jerk and fix yourself dreamy beverages every day. And if you don’t know why a Soda Jerk is called one then you need to read today’s tip.

Telephones Are Back Baby!

Okay, okay so telephones technically never went away and they are now essentially surgically attached to our hips. And it seems that there isn’t a person alive who doesn’t have a cell phone these days. But, more and more people don’t have real telephones. We think it’s time to reconsider. Here’s why.

Grandma’s Cleaners

When I first started reading Home Comforts: The Art & Science of Keeping House. I found it curious that she had recipes for cleaning products. Who has the time to mix their own cleaning products these days?? But, then I realized nobody actually wants to be exposed to chemical fumes 365 days a year when you don’t have to. And these days you don’t — and it doesn’t mean mixing your own.

Apron Strings

This week we’re featuring cool “old school” things that used to make life easier and are staging a comeback. Oh yeah, they’re baaack.

Aprons are not just for cooking anymore. Hostess aprons are making a style statement comeback and you can cut quite a smart figure at your next cocktail party wearing one that coordinates with your outfit as you ensure your guests get a canapé.