Yin and Yang Card Playing — Spit and Solitaire

I love it when my daughter discovers what she thinks are “new” things like double-dutch or jump rope rhymes. It sometimes leads to an argument when I try and explain that, yes, I’ve heard of this before and only when I actually throw out a few rhymes myself does she believe me. Some of them are pretty, um, risqué! But this isn’t about jump rope because as a grown-up I’d need to get in much better shape before I could partake in that kind of fun. So in 5th grade there was this “new” great intense, energy building game called SPIT. I wasn’t half bad myself, but it was more about reflexes than strategy and I don’t know whether I taught my cousins (pictured left playing) or if they “discovered” it on their own. Regardless it gets your blood pumping.

More Card Game Fun — Faker, I Doubt It, Cheat, or Just Plain ‘ol BSt!

This game doesn’t take much skill per se, but it does take a keen sense of the truth, i.e., knowing when your fellow players are completely full of you know what. Kelly and I know this game by two names — “Faker” if you’re playing with your family or “BullS*$&” if you’re playing with your friends and need to be cool. If your teenager is routinely winning this one? Yes, be afraid. Be very afraid.

The Game Is Animal — Hold on for Gut Busting Laughter

This game deserves it’s own PixieTip. We can’t recommend it enough. I don’t know how old you have to be able to play it, but probably 4 or 5. There is absolutely no age limit. And I have never laughed harder or longer than when playing this game with my family. Frankly, these are some of the best memories of my life. The man you see in the photo is my beloved Uncle Tom. Queen Fairy’s (a.k.a my mom’s) baby brother. He’s definitely got some pixie in him that’s for sure. But I point him out because he has an excellent poker face and he was the King of the Animal world.

Old School Fun — Playing Cards with Little Kids

We were thinking of saving this one for Passover and Holy Week since many of us will be spending time with family, but there is just too much going on in April, and since we are avid Anglophiles, Kate and Wills and all things English will have to take priority over most of April’s tips. But frankly I have such a wonderful and fun memory of our mom waking us up early to watch Lady Di become Princess Di, all cozy on her bed in the grey morning light, that it reminded me of so many other good times I’ve had with my family over the years. So we share them with you in this second week of Spring…in case things are still miserable outside and you need something to do!

T-Shirt Collections

I’m always horrified while watching Clean House when they get to the person who has 492 t-shirts and refuses to part with nary a one. Katie and Kelly have noticed while working with clients that men tend to collect these more than women. Even though they couldn’t possibly wear all or maybe any of them, somehow the sentimental value of the t-shirt has a great and insidious power. It’s weird, but even I have a few unworn t-shirts that I keep for sentimental reasons. So yes, I’m in doubt, but I still can’t throw out. Here’s some ideas for what to do instead.

The Art of Jewelry Organziation

I know it sounds a bit superficial, but I swear, nothing has changed my life in a bigger way than making a pretty cork board on which to hang my jewelry. I used to go months without changing my jewelry until the day I realized I had a tan line on my finger from the ring I never change. And since I’m not married, it was then that I knew something had to be done.

Drab to Fab in a Can

Remember on Monday when we wrote about spray painting picture frames the same color in order to bring a disparate collection into an attractive and cohesive whole? Well picture frames aren’t the only thing you can spray paint pretty. If it’s not in the hands of an angry or untalented teenager, spray paint can really work wonders on a whole slew of old junk.

Matchbooks Galore

Ah matchbooks. If you’ve found yourself married to a collection like Kelly is, oh excuse me, I mean have married someone with a matchbook collection — or spoons, bottles, corks, stones, stamps, etc. — then you are most likely married to a Classic. Most traditional collectors tend to be Classics and Funs and since these are the most common American personality types, the chances are good that you will live with one of them during your lifetime. So here are our best tips to make these collections look good.

What To Do With Photos

Nowadays everyone has hundreds if not thousands of photos on their computer but less and less of them physically around them. Yes, it’s probably good that there are less unmatching picture frames cluttering up people’s mantles, bookshelves and pianos, but there are many beautiful ways to highlight your favorite photos. And it’s definitely time to make your virtual photo collections real. Here’s how.  

Recycle and Donate — Clothes

1. Your garbage can. Seriously, there is nothing more naturally biodegradable than clothing. Even the polyester stuff will eventually disintegrate. Quicker than most of the stuff you throw into the trash. And it’s a lot cheaper than what it costs for your city to recycle your plastic. Plus if we’re talking natural fibers? Nothing simpler than adding positive compost to your local land fill. So never feel guilty about throwing your old clothes in the trash.