Be Who You Are

We’re often asked which Myers-Briggs personality type books we like the best. And while we are partial to our own writing, the next best thing would be the Tieger books. They have a range of books, Do What You Are (a great book for work & career) The Art of SpeedReading People (the one we’re featuring here) Just Your Type, (relationships) Nurture by Nature (great for helping raise kids) and The Personality Type Tool Kit (for professionals).

The Magic Key to Decorating

Use What You Have Decorating taught us everything we know about home design, way before we got hooked on HGTV. Classic Freedom Kelly found the book and reveled in its clear and simple rules and basic structure. Organic Freedom Katie got a hold of it and was like, “Oh so that’s what was wrong with my living room configuration!” It’s home design 101 and it’s brilliant.

Yes, Clutter Is Bad for You

Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui we got as a gift from Lani Inlander, Stylist Extraordinaire and author of last week’s PixieTips. She dropped this little gem into our hands as the first of many many gifts of knowledge and expertise. It is packed full of everything you need to know about getting rid of clutter. Period.

Good Ideas Start with Good Sleep

This week we are sharing with you the top five books that changed our lives and made them easier. First up is The Sleep Lady’s Good Night, Sleep Tight. Oooh boy, is there anything worse than the sleep deprivation that is also known as parenthood? It was particularly brutal for me, because I couldn’t stand to hear the little boogie cry and neither could my husband. So on the days that I could actually be brutal, he would cave. Not a good pair.

Smart Monochromatic

Looking to turn heads with one of these summer trends? Well this is the one whether it’s white hot or beaming blue the monochromatic trend is a show stopper. We think it’s the perfect way for Smarts to get a little edgy, but all types can get on this look and add their own flair to it.

Fun Color Blocking

Today’s tip from stylist extraordinaire Lani Rosenstock Inlander is all about color blocking. This summer trend is best when it’s way-bright, and bold, all the better to show off killer tan. And this trend is the province of color bright Funs and some Organic Freedoms, but everyone can get on the “fun” with a few key accessories.

Classic Red White and Blue

Red white and blue may be patriotic but they are also the color palette to a great “classic” trend this summer. We know, can a trend be classic? But when you can imagine or actually look at old photos of Jackie O in one, then, um, yes, a trend can be classic. But this one isn’t just for Classics or equally conservative Smarts. With that awesome pop of red, this one can work for Funs and Organics. Probably what makes this trend so resilient is that it works for all types.

Print Pandemonium

This season when it comes to prints the bolder the better and yes this is the perfect way to put your own personal “Fun” touch on an outfit. Print Pandemonium is what our favorite stylist Lani Rosenstock Inlander calls it and while I am no Fun, but as an Organic Freedom I’m always a bit envious of the Fun’s casual ability to take on these trends because they went on some fabulous trip to the far East and came back with this bag. So, while I have not left this continent yet,  I am all about this trend. Today’s tip is all about how you can get your hands on this tip and maybe even be charitable.

Softly Seventies Organic

Stylist Lani Rosenstock Inlander calls my favorite look for the summer “Softly Seventies” because of the layering of soft neutral colors with pops of bold color. This trend has a definite Organic feel to it, so am not surprised that my Organic Freedom nature is drawn to it. But the bright colors will also draw in many Funs.

Zappos, Mom and American Fashion

I was going to write about the Zappos’ Men’s fashion types but then I had to deal with the personality types they call All-American and Mom-on-the-Go. At first I thought that All-American could probably fit in with our Classic types, but after taking a closer look I wasn’t so sure. There are some things in there that I know my sister wouldn’t wear, and there are some outfits that I would horrify our stylist. Frankly, there are a LOT of outfits that would horrify her, but if she was being paid to come up with a bunch of clothes by type, she’d hire us and then Zappos’ “personality types” would make a lot more sense.