An E.L.F. to Help a Pixie

Eyes Lips Face, a.k.a. E.L.F. is a great website for inexpensive make-up that is also available in Targets everywhere.  This make-up is so great because you can compare it to higher priced items often saving yourself anywhere up to $30.

Smooth, Silky Hair

Okay this is a tip for people with straight hair. It’s all I know. But once you start coloring it? Frizz happens whether it’s straight or not, and when you are a busy mom with a start-up Internet company it’s a bit too much to blow dry my hair straight every day, or frankly ever other day. Okay FINE, every three days. But frankly, as someone with sensitive skin, showering every day is NOT the right thing for me. And since I use anti-persperant and I haven’t been exercising, I can push it. French style baby.

Immortal Color

Here’s Katie’s best beauty secret. Immortal color. You never have to worry about running out of your favorite shade of lipstick or nail enamel ever again. Giella can recreate any color you throw her way. All you have to do is send her the remains of your favorite and she will send it back with a brand new copy. Voila. It’s truly a miracle.

Deflect, Diffuse and Defy

Katie’s beauty secrets continue. As much as Cetaphil and Finacea are the bread and butter of my daily routine, you can’t have an almost 40 year old face, birthed two kids and have even skin tone. At least not this very white chick.

The Secret to My Beautiful Skin

I get a lot of compliments on my skin. I’m not sure why, I’ve never thought that I had very good skin, as I’ve been fighting off red bumps since before I hit my proper teens, but taking good care of my face is the only thing that I have ever been ridiculously disciplined about doing. As an Organic Freedom (read my blog if you need proof of my utter laziness) this is, to me, a minor miracle. Really, it’s just that I’m exceedingly vain and if my skin didn’t need all this maintenance I would have given it up years ago.

Doodads, Thingamajigs & Whatnots

My husband (a Classic) is obsessed with bringing home random items: conference badges, hotel notepads, plastic hotel keys, (yes an entire drawer full), seating cards, ticket stubs, free tote bags. He sticks them wherever he can, lamp shades, photo frames, bookshelves, you name it.

China (no, not China China)

Real Simple’s websiteI have a penchant for collecting china. It’s a classic, Classic trait but oddly, out of all the types, we have the most trouble figuring out how to display our beautiful collections. We are also the personality most likely to collect useless china figurines (Hummels, anyone?) Real Simple has some great ideas for how to display your collections in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

Misty Water Colored Memories

Darcy Miller’s brilliance on display… of the way we were … Man, is that one of my favorite Barbara Streisand songs and movies. I’ve never understood why she couldn’t find a way to stay with Robert Redford. It’s not a big surprise that I wouldn’t “get it” since I’m a traditional Classic Freedom and she was likely my opposite, an Organic Freedom on a mission.

What to Do with Souvenirs and Collections

The types who most often pick up random souvenirs are Classic Freedoms, Fun Freedoms and Organics. But, everyone has collected bits and baubles from different trips and outings over the years. The problem for Classics and Funs arises when they don’t have a spot for them and then they instinctively squirrel them away in odd spots. My husband used an old desk organizer to house his restaurant matchbook collection and then stuffed it under his desk. For Organics, it’s when they don’t remember where they got that random rock that they’ve been using as a paper weight for 15 years. 

What to Do with Books

Most Classics like me don’t have a ton of books. Smart Structures are the type that most often collect (and read) a lot of books and are described as bibliophiles. As the daughter of a Smart Structure, I grew up surrounded by books, so no home seems complete to me without a lot of them around. But, books can frequently look messy and unkempt and I long for them to look like this catalog cover. Today, a couple of ways to make your bookshelves gleam no matter what your type.