Happy Rosh Hashanah!

Since when can’t two Irish shiksas celebrate the Jewish New Year?? Upon somewhat superficial reflection, our resolution for this year is to finally finish our first set of Pixie Books — Storage and Organization by Personality Type — and grow our readership. I’m still working on something deeper and more introspective. Perhaps it’ll come to me before the Gregorian Calendar’s New Year.

Shana Tova

Real World Smarts

We’re featuring an office solution for Smarts that could also work for Organics. Naturally it has to do with piles of paper because office solutions for Smarts and Organics is always about piles of papers. I always love when Classics and Funs tell me that they too pile paper. I usually tell them they have no idea what piling paper even means. But Organics and Smarts do, it’s like a secret handshake. If a Classic purchased this solution, they would have no idea how to fill half of the slots. Okay, I exaggerate but you get the point.

Real World Organics

I thought I’d highlight an Organic’s front hall today because when compared to yesterday’s Classic front hall PixieTip, it would demonstrate how different types put their mark on the same solution. Same concept, very different look. As Classics, we’re very matchy, matchy, neat and quite a few of us are fastidious. Organics are a little more lax. Now, how lax depends on whether you’re an Organic Structure or an Organic Freedom. The latter being more lax than the former.

Real World Classics

Today, we have solutions developed by real life Classics. In fact, both of today’s images are from one of my favorite Classics. She sent this image to me eons ago when she’d just moved into a new home and came up with a genius front hall solution for her family’s myriad coats and other outdoor accoutrements. But, she also recently had a great solution for lack of medicine cabinet space — this one could actually work for almost all.

Real World Funs

Today’s PixieTip is a home office solution for one of our favorite Funs. If you read the full article you can see how it evolved from our original solution to how it sits today in her new house. Plus, we reveal a few of our secrets on why we would guess it was a Fun solution even if we didn’t already know her personality type.

Properly Conditioning Hair

The title might sound like it only applies to an eight year old girl just discovering the need for hair conditioner. But, you’d be surprised how many grown adults don’t know exactly how to properly do this important hair routine. I include myself in this group because one of the tips I started doing about 6-12 months ago so that makes for roughly 30 years of improperly conditioning my hair.

Casual Up-do’s

I almost never put my hair up but find myself enviously admiring people like my sisters — Organic Freedom and Fun — who do casual up-dos all of the time and look fantastic. Mainly, I don’t do it because as a time conscious Classic, it’s incredibly time consuming and often looks ridiculously bad so I take it down and rue the 20 minutes I’ve wasted trying to put it up. But, Amy has taught me a trick or two to reduce my failure rate.

No Frizz

During a recent talk show, one of the questions thrown at Amy Gerber, hairstylist extraordinaire, during a recent talk was how to prevent frizz. And the woman who asked the question doesn’t have curly hair. So, it’s a universal query. Let’s face it, after a certain age and a certain amount of hair processing, frizz becomes a way of life even if you were born with silky straight hair. Today’s tip is two-fold and involves a little bit of common sense.

Cornstarch Done Right

Putting cornstarch in your hair to get rid of grease might sound like something Laura Ingalls did on Little House on the Prairie but when you’re desperate, it’s a heck of a lot quicker than a shower. The problem used to be that if you applied it wrong, you looked like you had grey hair — as happened to my best friend in 6th grade right before heading to dancing school. But now, we’ve learned how to prevent this mishap.

Cheap Product Versus Expensive Product

I got this week’s tips from our favorite hair stylist, Amy Gerber. She gave a talk to the NY Network, a women’s networking group, earlier this summer and I saved these nuggets because regardless of personality type, everyone’s questions seemed to be “How can I make my hair not look like crappola?”