Organic Gift Ideas

When buying for Organics, don’t go too practical. Sure, some Organic Structures might appreciate something practical but this personality type more than others is going to interpret a sleek new alarm clock they didn’t ask for as a “I guess they don’t really care” more so than other types. Unless they asked for it, don’t go there. These shape of their favorite state cutting boards shows you put some thought into what makes them happy.

Fun Gift Ideas

Funs can seem tricky to buy gifts for because it’s hard to pin them down to one style. Sometimes they seem to like trendy funky things, other times they like traditional, classic things. But, the one thing that never changes about Funs is that they love a good time. Well, don’t we all really but Funs more than all types love experiencing things and intuitively know how to wring everything out of an experience. So if you suspect you have a Fun in your life then start thinking about tickets to a play or a performance.

Classic Gift Ideas

Classics are kind of easy to please because in general you can give them almost anything as long as it has a monogram or initials. The logic behind our gift giving for Classics is that initials turn the ordinary into something a bit fancier, a bit more traditional and almost all Classics at their core are traditional even when fashionable and trendy.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today we are thankful for many things but not least of which is having YOU as a reader. Thank you for opening, reading and — hopefully — enjoying our posts. And yes we’re taking tomorrow off too because we will be busy eating leftover turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes. We might even be doing our annual Thanksgiving Kick Ball game. And although this sounds carefree, our Smart Structure father always seems to turn it into a pretty competitive event. He even tagged out his 4 year old granddaughter two years ago! No guts, no glory. Happy Thanksgiving!

Blank Canvas Pizza

As a non-gourmand but sometimes artist, I’d never thought of pizza as a blank canvas. So the name immediately captured my attention. But, beyond encouraging my culinary creativity, I thought their business model was clever. They mail you — or someone you love — 8 frozen pizzas to keep your freezer stocked and your stomach full without schlepping them home yourself. As a Classic, I was attracted to it for practical reasons — I loathe going to the grocery store with my 3 year old. But their College Care Package — what college kid really wants more cheese popcorn in a tin — is what sold me & it’s good for all types.

Cupcakes and Cashmere

Kristin — an Organic Freedom and our intrepid intern — has been talking about this website for about 3 years now and that’s about how long it takes for an Organic Freedom to get through to a Classic Freedom. It’s not that Organic Freedoms are better at finding really cool things — they are — it’s just that they find so many things cool it’s hard to take them seriously at first. I’ve found that the ones that stand the test of time are the penultimate ones. And Cupcakes and Cashmere fits the bill.

Daily Mail

The Daily Mail falls under the category of “Websites I’m Addicted to Visiting” but frankly that’s a misnomer since it’s really the only website I’m addicted to visiting. Secretly, I think all Classics are big gossips, but as a sensitive Classic Freedom, I prefer to read tabloids and only gossip about strangers. The Daily Mail is a British tabloid’s online version but they also have a U.S. page. They are almost always ahead of every news website. And as for celebrity gossip, fuhgeddaboudit, they have celebrity stuff at least a week before People Magazine hits the newsstands.

Pretty Little Packages — Advent Crafts

As a big picture Organic, I was initially attracted to these pages with all the pretty bows, bright colors, and sweet little packages. But then I started looking at the fine print — the details if you will — and this big picture Organic quickly nixed this great idea. Too much work for too little reward and, um, I already have an advent calendar, shaped like a little house in the woods with 24 numbered little boxes that pull out with a tiny knob. And I didn’t have to glue or nail it together.

The Thanksgiving Fridge Leftoverflow

Looking through the November issue of Martha Stewart Living I learned something new about my sister — for her whole life she has been annoyed by how the leftovers are shoved into the refrigerator after Thanksgiving. I’m like, what? Why even BOTHER worrying about such a minor and short lived detail? But to her, a Classic Freedom, whose personality preferences dictate that she notice such details AND be focused on the present, the crazy mess that is Thanksgiving leftovers is a problem that must be solved.

Get the Kids Involved in Thanskgiving Decor

This page from Martha Stewart Living‘s November 2011 issue really rocked Classic Freedom Kelly’s world and I must say that me and my Organic sensibility would have passed right by it, in fact I DID pass by it multiple times! There was nothing about the table setting that appealed to me — too neutral and bland. And what really jazzed Kelly I couldn’t see even when I looked real close — a great project to keep kids busy and involved when you’re finishing up dinner. In fact there’s seriously a one sentence paragraph describing the idea, “Basic projects like place cards are a good way to let kids put their imprint on the setting.” Kelly went on for so long about what a great idea it was that I was expecting a double page spread!