Separating the Men from the Boys

The Night Before Christmas. It’s a steely divide. Not between non-believers and believers because these days countless people celebrate Christmas as essentially the pagan Winter Solstice celebration that it once was. No, Christmas separates planners and non planners. This isn’t to say that planners don’t find themselves scrambling for a gift alongside non planners. But the chances of certain self described “anal retentive” people rushing to the store the night before Christmas to purchase more than one gift? Slim or rather, absolutely NONE. On Christmas Eve, I could give every shopper in the mall over the age of 25 the Pixie Personality Quiz and I’m fairly certain 80% of them would say they’re great at coming up with brilliant last minute solutions to save the day. These are people I probably dismissed as slackers back in high school.

Kids, Personality Type, and Gift Buying

Personally, I think the only advice one needs to give people in what to buy kids for the holidays is to suggest they watch A Christmas Story and be done with it—meaning, kids will always want dangerous, ugly, crappy, brightly colored, plastic, or dangerous toys, ie. “A Red Ryder BB gun with a compass in the stock, and this thing which tells time” and adults will always believe that such toys are ugly, crappy, noisy and will ultimately “shoot your eye out.” As if we, the helicopter parenting generation will somehow prevail where countless others have failed before us and somehow our children will miraculously be content with light colored wood toys, teddy bears, clothes and moodily illustrated picture books. But let’s face it: the only eyes that will be shot out during this holiday season and for all time ever after are the adults’ eyes, ears and pockets to the blinding cacophony that is the children’s toy industry, and the hungry mini-consumers who demand it.

Gift Giving by Personality Type

I find the problem with gift guides is that they categorize everything by gender & hobby. I get the gender category because it’s the rare man who wants a pink pashmina but then the same can be said about the ubiquitous male gift guide fancy razor suggestion. The hobby route often doesn’t work because unless it’s your BFF, you don’t know if the item you buy will be truly useful. I wish gift guides came with ideas about what makes one gift awesome to one person and a “No thanks” to another. Here’s my stab at creating just such a guide. Starting with Dylan Kendall’s feet salt & pepper shakers. These are perfect for those with a sense of humor and those with a salt & pepper shaker collection. Do not give this gift to anyone who you remotely think is serious. How to know who these folks are plus a few other gift giving tips … 

A Tale of Two Turkeys

Back in the early days of PixieTips I shared my favorite and well tested turkey recipe. It is an almost unaltered recipe of Roasted Turkey with Sage from Real Simple (I always omit Sage and Rosemary with poultry recipes as it smells and tastes like mold to me) and it was both simple and easy and produced the most moist turkey I had ever tasted. However now that we have a gourmet foodie in our family, there is a dark bird in the running, so to speak, to take over the top turkey spot.

Boardwalk Empire and Dexter

Living on the east coast, dealing with Hurricane Sandy holed up in my home but lucky enough to have power, the last two weeks have been a good time to catch up on TV shows. I made sure to watch all of my missed episodes of my two favorites—Boardwalk Empire and Dexter—and then had time left over to figure out why my favorite shows are in fact my favorite shows. No big surprise that they’re my favorite shows for vastly different reasons than they are for my Smart Structure (NTJ) boyfriend, or for Classic Freedom (SFJ) Pixie Kelly. When you think about it, it’s amazing hit shows become hits when what attracts us to them is often so varied.

The Trials of Sandy and Being an Entrepreneur

Going through something like Sandy has a way of putting things in perspective, and we’re grateful that even though Katie still has no power, she has my warm home to visit for power and family time. Our hearts go out to everyone who has been devastated or is struggling and it made us think about other life struggles, this one not as dire, but still difficult: Those small business owners our presidential candidates keep talking about. We’re featuring four women who have their own business — BreckWorks illustrations, Angela’s Whimsy custom frames, custom Silhouettes by Lena and TrapWrap neck warmers. One of the reasons being an entrepreneur is so difficult is that regardless of your personality type, success depends not just on using your personality strengths, but also on pushing your personality’s weak attributes.

There Are No New Uses for an Old Tampon

We were going to feature some awesome Real Simple or Martha Stewart “new uses for old things” this week but then I implemented one of Martha’s ideas — which I thought was brilliant until my husband grabbed an umbrella as he left for work before rushing back in to demand what in the heck was on his umbrella. It was clearly a floral scarf tied just above the base of the handle but his level of disgust registered as if I’d attached a used tampon to it. “Could you please remove this thing.” So I took this as a sign to be careful with “new uses for old things” because unless you think them through and make sure they’re right for everyone in your household, they’re a bad idea.

Oh God, Can We Talk about Politics?

Being raised in the Midwest, in that crucial swing state Ohio no less, by an Organic Structure (NFJ) mother who abhors conflict and prizes harmony above all else, a Classic Freedom (SFJ) sister and business partner who gets migraines from heated discussions, and being an Organic Freedom (NFP) myself who avoids conflict like the plague — it’s hard for Kelly and I to venture into this prickly and conflict flooded arena, but we would be remiss if we didn’t add our Myers-Briggs knowledge to the present political scene and the upcoming election.

Slutty Nurses, Sexy Cats and Other Halloween Oddities Explained


Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays because besides getting to wear whatever I want, I get to eat whatever I want and that’s always a beautiful thing in my book. Halloween is a day when you can be whoever you want, natural personality preferences be damned. It’s probably why so many typically buttoned up Classic (SJ) 20-somethings dress up like slutty nurses, cats, witches, etc. on All Hallow’s Eve. But it’s a lot harder to not be who we are when we go about becoming someone else. And if you need a reason to read more, an image of Kelly as a Wonder Twin with a codpiece awaits you on our website …

Fridge Wars

Kelly reminded me last week that the original impetus for last week’s Butter Wars was actually from a practical article from October’s issue of Real Simple. Y’know, what belongs in the fridge and what belongs in the pantry. Apparently this is the kind of thing that Classics (SJs) really dig so they can have confirmation that they’re right. Unfortunately, my Organic Freedom (NFP) personality type got away from me and I ended up talking about how my husband bugs me. It’s a akin to my general conversation abilities: “Wait, what was I talking about again?” So. This week. I’m going to concentrate. On the fridge. Details. Practicalities. Solutions. What should go in the fridge and what should stay out and how in the world do you keep the thing organized in a multiple person household.