Smart Style Just Needs a Few Trends

When it comes to Smarts (NTs) and fashion, they usually gravitate towards Classic (SJ) style. They will rely on quality sweater sets and suits, pumps and driving mocs, preppy and basic. We wager that often it’s hard to tell the Smarts from the Classics when it comes to style. Logically, why would you bother spending too much time thinking about what to wear when it’s been done before by others and so much better than you could do on your own?

Turn Hippy Dippy into Hip and Trendy

After two weeks of bashing Real Simple, it’s time to celebrate why I’m actually such an adoring fan. First off, I don’t know if they figured something out, but February’s edition doesn’t have any new uses for old things! But if you missed last month’s they had a great section on Restyling Your Style. It’s basically a quick primer on personality type, style and pushing your preferences. First up is what they call “Bohemian” and we call, Organic (NF).

Real Simple Gives Good Apps

To stay true to our new year’s resolution theme, and also to stick to Real Simple, we have a few of their good and not so good apps that are supposed to help you with your New Year’s resolutions. Again, I’m not so thrilled with their need to stick with this resolution theme — one because some of these apps won’t work for many personality types, but also because some of them are just useful apps that don’t really have anything to do with resolutions. Maybe it’s my personality type but all this talk about giving up gambling, television, smoking and alcohol has made me cranky. And what’s so wrong with T.V. again? Huh? Oh sorry, I wasn’t paying attention, Pawn Stars is on again.

Finally, a Good Idea from Real Simple

Today’s tip from Real Simple is actually not half bad. I know, finally! But it also means that they do actually have it in them and is also why I still religiously subscribe to this magazine.

“Given up gambling? A playing card is a winning stand-in for a gift tag. Numbers 2 to 10 are fun for kids’ birthdays; the king and queen of hearts are perfectly suited as valentines. (Use a permanent marker to write your message.)”

Don’t Plastic Bottle Caps Go in the Recycling?

This little Real Simple, “New Uses for Old Vices” tidbit, ostensibly for giving up filling landfills is somewhat helpful:

“Reuse/repurpose/recycle those plastic bottle caps as contact lens keepers. Pour saline solution into two clean caps and store them overnight in a safe place where they won’t be overturned.”

If You Don’t Smoke, Why Do You Own an Ashtray?

Here’s todays Real Simple tip for “New Uses for Old Vices”

“Fill that (clean!) old ashtray with soy sauce instead. The notches make a handy rest for chopsticks between bits of spicy tuna.”

It’s Time to Buy a Reusable Water Bottle

Yes it’s another week of “New Uses for Old Vices” from Real Simple. I can’t help myself they’re just too good. And we promise some of their GOOD ideas later in the week, as that’s the actual reason we promote the magazine so much! So this idea of using your old soda bottle to measure out pasta? Yeah, if you’re looking for clever ways to reuse old plastic water or soda bottles then it’s high time to invest in the metal or plastic reusable ones.

Only College Students and Alcoholics Save Beer Cans

Yes, still on Real Simple’s bad ideas January 2012. This one is frankly beyond belief. I feel like all the editors must have left the room for this one or left early for vacation. Use an empty beer can as a noise maker? Really?! Seriously? Right now I’m feeling like the writers of Saturday Night Live have written these “New Uses for Old Vices” as a spoof. But no. If you have managed to stop drinking on New Year’s Eve, not to worry, “You can still start 2012 off with a bang or at least a rattle.” Yeah, that’s what someone who has decided to stop drinking on New Years should do. Put a bunch of coins in their empty beer can and tape it shut and then go, “Yay! I’m going to AA!”

Why Do You Own a Poker Caddy if You Don’t Play Poker?

Another “New Uses for Old Vices” from January’s Real Simple. Yeah um, this one caught my eye first because I was like, um, wait, what? If you have managed to stop playing Poker — because you are a gambling addict and you are destroying your life with it — then please, throw the damn caddy into the trash. Right now. First thing they probably tell you to do at a Gamblers Anonymous meeting! But, y’know if you have the caddy because you’ve always wanted to start a friendly poker game, then I think it’s still early enough in the year to get going on this social and fun New Year’s resolution.

An Old Remote Should Be Trash

While I can almost see some kind of value and or cool idea in reusing candy wrappers, Real Simple’s next idea for this month’s “New Uses for Old Vices” is just plain crazy. They suggest, once you’ve curbed your vice of watching television, to remove the batteries from your old remotes and use them “to hide cash, a spare key, or anything else you might need handy.” Seriously, really?!