Take a Chillout

After two weeks of talking about exotic vacation locales, I thought it behooved me to suggest a cheaper alternative—the mental health day—or as I like to call it, a random vacation day for no reason. Depending on your personality type, you’ve taken countless ones in your lifetime or none at all. For the latter folks, life’s short. Seize the day.

Peruvian Fun

Peruvian culture is extroverted Fun Freedom (ESFP), as are a few of its neighbors—Colombia and Chile. Fun Freedoms tend to be spontaneous, optimistic, and very social. Who wouldn’t want to vacation in Peru? But, they’re not all party, party, party. Fun Freedoms can also be extremely practical. Today’s travel tips are courtesy of my extremely discerning—read picky—Smart Structure (NTJ) friend, Joe. I’m going to have to give him his own byline now that he’s written an entire week’s worth of PixieTips.

Buenos Dias, Buenos Aires!

The last time I was pregnant, I visited Buenos Aires and while, it was an immense bummer to vacation in a country known for its wine while abstaining, I still had a really, fun time. So, it’s not surprising that the Argentinian culture—as a whole—is extroverted Fun Structure (ESTP) according to Brent Masssey’s book “Where in the World Do I Belong.” Friendly, informal but a little colder than other Latin American cultures. The “T” or thinking aspect is the likely culprit for the latter. 

I Think I’m Turning Japanese … No. Wait. I Really Am.

Japan and I share the same personality type—Introverrted Classic Freedom (ISFJ). Duty bound, traditional, friendly, often quiet—although I think I lost my quiet nature having spent most of my life in the States. In short, the Japanese are like me—which explains why I always get along so well with the Japanese. It’s rather ironic that I ended up marrying into a Chinese family. And if you don’t get the irony, let’s just the Chinese have a longer memory about Japan’s WWII history than the average American.

Morocco … Need I Say More?

I was POSITIVE that Brent Massey had a section on Morocco in his book “Where in the World Do I Belong??” But I was wrong. What can I say, I’m 9 months pregnant and not operating on all cylinders. Ordinarily, I’d move on to a different country but I have these amazing travel tips from my Smart Structure (NT) friend Joe and if you read his Italy tips last week you’ll know why I felt compelled to share them with you.

Venice, The Dolomites & More Organics

Today’s going to be light on personality and heavy on travel tips from one of my best friends who is a Smart Structure (NTJ) and a VERY discerning traveller and diner. The reason for my shift is that he went above and beyond writing tips for me—trust me, you don’t want to miss today’s PixieTip, they’re real pearls and much more entertaining than I ever am. Tuck it away for your next trip to Italy. But, the other reason I’m marginalizing personality type today, is I accidentally chose a country whose personality type is—drumroll—yet again extroverted Organic Freedom (ENFP)—that’s three in a row! Is it just me or are all the financial troubled European countries Organic Freedoms?? 

Luck o’ the Irish

I was torn between featuring travel tips in Ireland or Scotland. But when I looked up their personality types in Brent Massey’s, “Where in the World Do I Belong??” I discovered that he didn’t have an entry for Scotland—ouch—and Ireland was yet another country whose personality type is extroverted Organic Freedom (ENFP). For an uptight Classic Freedom (SFJ) like me, who swears her extroverted Organic Freedom siblings drive her crazy, I sure gravitate toward countries just like ’em. Maybe it’s because they’re so affable and nice.

London, Lorries, Lifts & Lepers

Even though Americans and the English speak the same language, we often seem as different as night and day. First, we don’t really speak the same language—when was the last time you called a truck, a lorry & vice versa? Second, our ketchups taste different. And third, the English—or at least the “better” class—secretly see Americans as something just above the Untouchable caste but definitely above lepers. Okay, I exaggerate a little. So it’s ironic that despite our differences we actually share the same personality type, extroverted Classic Structure (ESTJ). Today, I focus on our biggest cultural difference, afternoon tea. Sigh, if only we shared that in common!

What’s a Madrilleno?

My Fun Freedom (SFP) sister-in-law, Becca, has a certain zest for life that I envy. She adores many things with relish and before the birth of her son, I’d say Spain and my brother were on the top of that list. So, not surprisingly Spain’s overarching Spanish personality type is my brother’s—extroverted Organic Freedom (ENFP). Today, Becca will show you how to have as fabulous a time in Madrid as she always does even if you encounter some not so super nice Madrillenos (people from Madrid).

Vive La France & Smarts

If you’ve ever felt more at home in a foreign country than you do at home, this is because every culture has its own personality type and sometimes we’re not born where we “belong.” Other times, we like a place because it’s SO different from us. Like me and France. As a Classic Freedom (SFJ) francophile, I love the big picture thinking of the extroverted Smart Structure (ENTJ) French culture—they don’t sweat the small stuff like I do. So today, Paris and some off the beaten path spots.