Drop at the Door, Grab and Go

At first I just thought this organizational tip from Design blogger Benita Larsson in June’s Real Simple was just another form of divide and conquer… Everything has a home and that galvanized tub is cheap, but the heart of this tip is in the location of this organizational solution — the entryway, where stuff seems to collect like shells after the tide has gone in, only it’s not a pretty sight.

Tidy Toys All in a Row

Katie Brown, lifestyle expert, has a solution for toy clutter in June’s Real Simple that is so brilliant we’ve thought of it ourselves! Why? Because this display on the left could have only been designed by a visual Organic (NF) or Smart (NT) who understands the Classic (SJ) and Fun (SP) desire for tidy boxes.

Divide & Conquer Bedside Mess

This week we analyze the secrets of the pros in June’s issue of Real Simple. The first one is from our favorite organizer, Melissa Picheny of Declutter + Design. She’s our favorite because she knows that personality type is a major factor in organizing and that “big picture” types need things to be out in the open to know where they are and “detail-oriented” types need them squirreled away. (She’s also a fabulous dinner date!)

Happy Memorial Day

Pixies spent the weekend in Pennsylvania, finally joining the Queen Fairy and her brother Jay for a Memorial Day visit to the cemetery in Greenville where our grandparents and their siblings are buried for gathering and flower planting. We were joined for the first time with almost all of John and Dorothy Breckenridge’s descendents and we made a large and joyous party as we wound our way through Greenville and her close environs over the weekend for a wonderful reunion, despite the dreary Red Roof Inn in Hermitage.

The Pitfalls of Bargain Shopping

I hesitate to “out” this type of clutterer because I am often the beneficiary of her astute bargain hunting. Sometimes it’s good, like when our favorite goodies are on sale and she has her husband drop them off like Santa Claus, other times she brings me things I already have, don’t need, and the bargain clutter begins to annoy. And she’s most definitely a type.

The Incredibly Expanding Box of Wires

Peter Walsh’s third kind of clutterer is of the techie variety. And if we were to pin this kind of clutterer onto a PixieType we’d have to go with Fun Structures (STPs). These types tend to be drawn to mechanical, technical things — you know, the friends you call when your printer is frying your very last nerve. But frankly, every type suffers from the ails of who Walsh calls The Techie Clutterer.

Books Don’t Actually Make You Smart

Unless of course you read them. But when you have so many that they are teetering in piles like the ones you see on the left ALL OVER THE HOUSE, and you won’t even let go of your dusty, disintegrating paperbacks? Well, then you’re most likely a Smart Structure (STJ), or are an Organic (NF) who’s been raised by one.

Embrace the Shame Closet

One of my favorite episodes of Friends is when we learn that Monica, the hyper-organized, perfectionist, “obsessive compulsive” home keeper has what us classic radio nerds call a “Fibber McGee” closet…which would be the kind of closet you see to the left, one where everything stuffed inside comes crashing down the moment it’s opened.

11 Ways to Make Your Life Harder

I’m ending this week of featuring brilliant party ideas from Real Simple with their article called 11 Ways to Straighten Up After a Party. I thought they’d have clever ideas on how to make party clean-up, simpler. And they do have a couple but they lead off with a killer one:

Freeze cubes of leftover wine and save them for recipes that call for vino, like Slow-Cooker Red Wine Short Ribs. Or consolidate half-consumed bottles to make a boozy syrup that you can drizzle over waffles, ice cream, pound cake, ricotta, or fruit.

My Classic Freedom (SFJ) get ‘er done suggestion? Put a cork in it and drink the rest tomorrow night.

Rock the Party that Rocks the Party

I often use today’s title to connote “awesome!” but when I researched the phrase, I discovered it is actually, “Rock the Party that Rocks the Body,” which does make a bit more sense than my bastardization. I once read that Classic Freedoms (SFJ) like me constantly use idioms and always get them slightly wrong. Slightly sad, really. But, yet I digress. Today we feature some great drink recipes from Real Simple — White Sangria anyone?? — to get your Memorial Day party (and body) rocking.