Clear DVD Clutter

Today’s tip from 55 Ways to Clear Clutter on Family Circle’s website is about saving space … “Slip your movie collection into DVD albums, organized by genre — comedies, dramas, and cartoons — so it’s a cinch to flip through. Recycle the empty cases through -Regina Leeds, author of One Year to an Organized Work Life (Da Capo)” This tip is such a space saver and could work for most when space is tight. But there are some drawbacks to this solution depending on your type.

Get More Done’s tip from 55 Ways to Clear Clutter on Family Circle’s website is about multi-tasking. “Keep a portable file tote for catalogs, thank-you notes, shopping lists, and a menu planner. Take it with you for when you’re waiting in the school carpool lane and check things off your to-do list. — Stephanie Vozza, founder of”

Freeze Your Flour

This tip is from my Aunt Barb. For years, I’ve been plagued by annoying pantry bugs — grain or flour beetles. I couldn’t tell from the online photos. Cleaning and using air tight containers did nothing. They’ve followed me to new apartments even when I don’t bring grain stuff with me.  Some exterminator told me, “Nothing you can do, the eggs are in the flour you buy at the grocery store.” He was wrong. Freeze your flour. This is how you get rid of grain beetles

Tide To-Go Is Amazing

Kate became obsessed with the Tide To-Go pens when she was pregnant and made sure I had multiple ones on hand myself. Today’s tip is a true story about how I saved one of my best friend’s pants from total ruin by her adorable 2 year old’s blackberry stained hands. Seriously, go out and buy one, how did we exist for centuries without them.

Pantyhose to The Rescue

So, you’re getting ready, you’ve got your outfit on already and darn it all … you spill some powder on yourself. Before surrendering and changing your outfit, try rubbing it with some pantyhose. But, more importantly than make-up, pantyhose are great for getting white deodorant stains off of clothes. I got this tip from Giella, a friend of mine who has her own make-up line (my favorite product is that she can match any old favorite lipstick/lip-gloss).

Vanish Red Wine Stains

My friend Elizabeth (a Smart) swears by pouring boiling water repeatedly over offending red wine stains. And when SHE does it, it works. When I do it? Not so much. And unfortunately, I can’t store her in my closet and whip her out when someone spills a little red. My secret? Soaking the red wine stain in white wine.

Cutting Brownies 101

Just one word, plastic. Ever made brownies and wanted to eat them while they’re still warm or make them attractive for a party, only to cut into them and have everything stick to the knife? We’ve got your solution and it’s courtesy of Fred, one of our faithful subscribers, a Classic (Kelly’s husband and to Kate’s blog followers, her lousy judgmental brother-in-law).

Let There Be Light

Today’s tip is all about looking at your home in a new light—literally. With these DIY lanterns the future is starting to look a lot brighter and prettier or at least maybe your living room will. 

At Home Library

What’s better than having your own library? Not much that’s what! But, we’re pretty sure only a small percentage of Americans have enough real estate to house one. Today’s tip is all about how to create your very own private library without having to win the lottery.  

New Uses for an Old Closet — The Home Office

Not all of us have the space in our home to have a whole room devoted to being an office, today’s tip will show you everything you need to fake it.