The Pixies are off this week as I am in PARADISE for one of my dearest friend’s wedding. Remember that old commercial where I think Andie McDowell turns to the camera and says “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful!” Well, don’t hate me because I’m in paradise but there it is, I am. As you read this I am probably sipping a Mai Tai … oh wait, that’s 3am their time. Oh well, it IS vacation. See you after Labor Day when we’ll be back with lots of fresh content!

Come Out of the Closet

I saved the best for last — “Thinking Outside the Closet,” on page 77 of this month’s Oprah features four different women who have four innovative ways of storing their clothes and jewelry.

As a rule the more visual types, like Organics and Smarts tend to go for visual solutions to their storage needs. If something is at the bottom of a deep drawer or in the back, it’s going to be forgotten. Out of sight is out of mind.

Emotional Clutter

My favorite article in this issue was about emotional clutter. All types are going to struggle with this to some degree, just in different ways and for different reasons. In “The Heavies,” on page 168 of this month’s Oprah, Paige Williams (possibly an Organic) writes about these talismans she has kept throughout her life and through multiple moves and reincarnations — most are reminders of mistakes, regret, and failure — and they weigh her down.

“Oh My God, Are You Kidding Me?”

That’s what Peter Walsh, Oprah’s organizing guru says when he sees all the junk in the garage of the Johnsons, the family he helps in “Make Over My Garage.” Frankly, it’s often what I think when I am faced with such a huge and daunting task. Organizing is HARD MENIAL LABOR, even more so if it’s your own and even worse if the junk has been collecting for decades.

The Stuff of Life

We know that personality type is diverse and multi-layered, because we just spent the last three months perfecting our Pixie PersonalityType instrument! But, the minute I read a line like this, “she can’t help straightening up as she gives a casual tour,” I know I’m dealing with a Fun. Yes, most people think that Classics are the most fastidious, but since Funs aren’t avid list makers, they tend to do something when they see it (often losing track of time in the process and showing up 1/2 hour late to brunch, etc.)

Surround Yourself with Stuff You Love

The main feature of The Oprah Magazine’s March issue is “Our Stuff, Ourselves” and they’ve got tons of ideas. The first article, on page 156 is an interview with Nate Berkus — Oprahs’ favorite interior designer — by writer Lisa Kogan who has got to be an Organic Freedom because I, an Organic Freedom always and I mean always identify with her. I love the photo of Nate’s living room and it gave me tons of ideas and in reading the interview I thought, this guy is probably an Organic.

Blood, Bones & Butter

Blood, Bones & Butter: The inadvertent Education of a Reluctant Chef is the type of memoir that will delight all personality types. My Fun Freedom (SFP) sister-in-law gave this book to my Organic Freedom (NFP) sister who gave it to me, a Classic Freedom (SFJ) and the world’s slowest reader. It sat unread for a year because it’s a memoir of a chef. I thought, “Why would I want to read a random chef’s memoirs?” Wow, was I wrong.

The Gemini Agenda

Dear reader, I assume that you are halfway through The Parsifal Pursuit—if not finished already—and dying for the third installment in the Winston Churchill Thriller series. Well, I have great news for you, The Gemini Agenda is HERE! And fresh off winning the Grand Prize for Best Fiction Book 2012 — Next Generation Indie Book Awards. And it won for a reason, it’s the best of the series in my opinion. Here’s a taste from the Amazon book description:  

A string of strange deaths in 1932 leads Bourke Cockran, Jr., and his lover Mattie McGary to uncover a plot by Nazi scientists to conduct lethal experiments on American twins in order to create a master race.


Motherstyles is a wonderful introduction to personality type and motherhood. It will help you understand yourself if you are a mother and ALSO help you understand YOUR mother. Highly recommended for easing the guilt and tension of the “mommy wars.” 

Nurture by Nature

If you have kids, you know how different they can be. But Nurture by Nature by Paul Tieger and Barbara Barron-Tieger actually breaks it down into recognizable 16 personality types of Myers-Briggs®. Here you’ll get the insight needed to parent your child in the best way for their natural personality preferences. For instance, some kids need loads of structure while others need to be HELD during a time-out. Yes. Crazy. But it works.