The Butter Wars

Early in my marriage I quickly became aware of the first of many petty annoyances that we humans encounter upon living with someone else we love and desire, but do not yet really know. I was amazed at how ridiculously true the cliches were — socks on the floor, toilet seat up, snoring, unscrewed toothpaste caps, etc. — and how I seemed to be slightly annoyed by all of them. You’d think that being an Organic Freedom (NFP) would make me pretty laissez faire about such petty annoyances, but this is not so…. And the real bee in my bonnet, the total stick in my craw, was and sometimes is, the butter. Yes, butter.

Forgive and Forget or Forget It and Beware?

We thought it was apropos to talk about forgiveness during the Jewish High Holy Days (and if we’re wrong, please forgive us our gentile ignorance!) But as the title suggests, different personality types deal differently in how they give and ask for forgiveness, outside their religious and cultural traditions. Frankly it’s probably much easier to ask God for forgiveness than other people, but, again, that might just be me inserting my personality preferences into the equation! Still, holidays tend to bring family together, we thought it would also be a good time to talk about how one crucial aspect of type informs how we deal with conflict and the inevitable need to forgive and how this affects our home and family life.

Wild about Woolite

I think a lot of reasons Kelly and I started PixiesDidIt! had to do with our grandmothers. We were blessed with two and while one gave us the run of her house, the other was so strict that one of her bathrooms was off limits to us, strictly for her and “proper” guests only. As such, the bathroom became almost mystical — it helped that it was completely pink and had flower shaped guest soaps in a glass bowl. It also had a retractable clothesline as it was here that she hand washed and dried her underclothes in Woolite so they would last—something my other grandmother never seemed to do as her bottle just gathered dust and she bought new underwear when it inevitably wore out. But, now Woolite has new detergents that will help even the laziest laundry personality types—sorry Grandma B., okay, impatient laundry personality types—make clothes last longer.

Shapely Surprise

We admit that some of yesterday’s ideas for pumping up the fun quotient into your kids’ lunches was a bit over the top and probably for special occasions only no matter what your type, but since Life Should Be Easy is our motto, today we have the easy, simpler way to make your kids lunches a bit more exciting.

Play With Your Food

Mom’s are supposed to say “no playing with your food” but today’s PixieTip borrows from those creative and inventive types — Organics (NFs) and Smarts (NTs) — to get your kids to eat healthier. Plus it’s a tip that Classics (SJs) and Funs (SPs) won’t mind doing. Getting your kids to eat is always practical, whatever the silly cost. And let’s face it Classics (SJs), your silly preferences were stretched to the bursting limit ages ago. What’s a little bear face cost? Turning food into fun characters your kids can play with before the eating is just plain awesome. Not only will your kids be excited to eat your creations but you might even be able to sneak some fruit in!



Rainbows & Starch

So new and fancy lunchboxes are one thing; getting them to actually eat it? Well, that is the perennial question. For those of you who have patiently placed a variety of foods in front of your children time after time even if they don’t eat it, until eventually they have the palate of a gourmet foodie — well then bully for you! For the rest of us, we have some easy and hard ways to present the same old same old in a fun new way.

Paper or Plastic?

When you’re a kid, there’s nothing worse than a smashed peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Most “I don’t want to eat it” and other such picky eating kids certainly won’t touch it at lunch time. Luckily, for all personality types, lunch has come a long way from the brown paper bag and smelly metal lunch boxes. We’ve found some new, easy to clean and resistant to rust choices that will ensure your child’s sandwich will make it to lunch period safe and sound.


Happy Labor Day

Happy Labor Day! Hopefully there’s no one actually reading this and everyone is spending their day on a fabulous beach or at a fun barbecue.