Gift Giving by Personality Type

I find the problem with gift guides is that they categorize everything by gender & hobby. I get the gender category because it’s the rare man who wants a pink pashmina but then the same can be said about the ubiquitous male gift guide fancy razor suggestion. The hobby route often doesn’t work because unless it’s your BFF, you don’t know if the item you buy will be truly useful. I wish gift guides came with ideas about what makes one gift awesome to one person and a “No thanks” to another. Here’s my stab at creating just such a guide. Starting with Dylan Kendall’s feet salt & pepper shakers. These are perfect for those with a sense of humor and those with a salt & pepper shaker collection. Do not give this gift to anyone who you remotely think is serious. How to know who these folks are plus a few other gift giving tips … 

A Tale of Two Turkeys

Back in the early days of PixieTips I shared my favorite and well tested turkey recipe. It is an almost unaltered recipe of Roasted Turkey with Sage from Real Simple (I always omit Sage and Rosemary with poultry recipes as it smells and tastes like mold to me) and it was both simple and easy and produced the most moist turkey I had ever tasted. However now that we have a gourmet foodie in our family, there is a dark bird in the running, so to speak, to take over the top turkey spot.

Boardwalk Empire and Dexter

Living on the east coast, dealing with Hurricane Sandy holed up in my home but lucky enough to have power, the last two weeks have been a good time to catch up on TV shows. I made sure to watch all of my missed episodes of my two favorites—Boardwalk Empire and Dexter—and then had time left over to figure out why my favorite shows are in fact my favorite shows. No big surprise that they’re my favorite shows for vastly different reasons than they are for my Smart Structure (NTJ) boyfriend, or for Classic Freedom (SFJ) Pixie Kelly. When you think about it, it’s amazing hit shows become hits when what attracts us to them is often so varied.

The Trials of Sandy and Being an Entrepreneur

Going through something like Sandy has a way of putting things in perspective, and we’re grateful that even though Katie still has no power, she has my warm home to visit for power and family time. Our hearts go out to everyone who has been devastated or is struggling and it made us think about other life struggles, this one not as dire, but still difficult: Those small business owners our presidential candidates keep talking about. We’re featuring four women who have their own business — BreckWorks illustrations, Angela’s Whimsy custom frames, custom Silhouettes by Lena and TrapWrap neck warmers. One of the reasons being an entrepreneur is so difficult is that regardless of your personality type, success depends not just on using your personality strengths, but also on pushing your personality’s weak attributes.