Separating the Men from the Boys

The Night Before Christmas. It’s a steely divide. Not between non-believers and believers because these days countless people celebrate Christmas as essentially the pagan Winter Solstice celebration that it once was. No, Christmas separates planners and non planners. This isn’t to say that planners don’t find themselves scrambling for a gift alongside non planners. But the chances of certain self described “anal retentive” people rushing to the store the night before Christmas to purchase more than one gift? Slim or rather, absolutely NONE. On Christmas Eve, I could give every shopper in the mall over the age of 25 the Pixie Personality Quiz and I’m fairly certain 80% of them would say they’re great at coming up with brilliant last minute solutions to save the day. These are people I probably dismissed as slackers back in high school.

Kids, Personality Type, and Gift Buying

Personally, I think the only advice one needs to give people in what to buy kids for the holidays is to suggest they watch A Christmas Story and be done with it—meaning, kids will always want dangerous, ugly, crappy, brightly colored, plastic, or dangerous toys, ie. “A Red Ryder BB gun with a compass in the stock, and this thing which tells time” and adults will always believe that such toys are ugly, crappy, noisy and will ultimately “shoot your eye out.” As if we, the helicopter parenting generation will somehow prevail where countless others have failed before us and somehow our children will miraculously be content with light colored wood toys, teddy bears, clothes and moodily illustrated picture books. But let’s face it: the only eyes that will be shot out during this holiday season and for all time ever after are the adults’ eyes, ears and pockets to the blinding cacophony that is the children’s toy industry, and the hungry mini-consumers who demand it.