The Thrill of the Last Minute

All your Christmas shopping done yet? Mine is. But last night I hadn’t even started and when a well meaning friend went into a full blown panic after she heard what to her was terrifying news I thought, “Well, no time like the present,” and I got online and it felt good to get a few presents in the queue onto Santa’s sleigh so to speak. And then I couldn’t stop. There were deals and free shipping deadlines and sales ending at midnight, and so I kept on until the wee hours of the morning. By mid-afternoon today I was done. And it feels good. It’s the way my Organic Freedom (NFP) type likes to do it. All at once and with a big rush of adrenaline and excitement.

Routines That Aren’t Boring

My Classic (SJ) sister Kelly likes to say that Organic Freedoms (NFPs) like myself, Smart Freedoms (NTPs) and also Funs (SP)s are terrible at keeping routines, but it’s simply not true. Sure I like a day free from any obligations or plans, but the simple fact is, if I didn’t have what Classics like to call “routines” I wouldn’t get anything done. I’m sure Kelly is laughing in disbelief that I have any routines at all, but I do and when I skip them, I start to feel as rootless as she does.

FAMILY!@#! Stress to Family Bliss

Today’s column is not about why families cause stress — this would never fit within a 300-500 word blog. Instead we’re tackling why one person stresses out spending time with their family while another family member finds time spent with the same exact family to be blissful. Our personalities determine how we experience the exact same experience, i.e., the same Christmas dinner can yield many vastly different experiences. The trick to family bliss is simply acknowledging this reality.

A Tale of Two Cakes

As with all things Classic (SJ); it started with a plan. As with all things Organic (NF); it started with inspiration. Classic Freedom (SFJ) Kelly wondered how hard it would be to make her five year old son an Angry Birds cakes so she watched a You Tube video a month in advance and then created a professional looking cake that everyone thought was Cake Boss material. This, in due course, inspired her Organic Freedom (NFP) sister Katie to do something similar for her daughter’s 11th birthday. But what was an easy two hour project for for Kelly, ended up being a two DAY project for Katie, who is still physically recovering. Ahh the difference between types.

… More Than Skin Deep

I’ve battled acne throughout my life, minus my first blissful 12 years. So my face never looked as good as this random, plant, zen lady’s on the left. But up until recently, I didn’t find that eliminating certain foods reduced my acne one iota. Now as I approach the big 4-0, what I put into my body does impact my skin. I’m like an old model car that needs high-end gas to run properly. Don’t fret though, it’s not as if I eat only nuts and berries these days. Barbara Lincoln, our Classic Freedom (ESFJ) nutritionist, debunks a few widely believed myths about skin care and food.

Lamp Chops, Blaine, & Introverts

I’m standing in line at Citarella’s butcher on the Upper West Side two days ago and see a handsome, slightly older man shopping nearby, eventually coming to stand near me at the butcher counter. I notice his profile looks a lot like Andrew McCarthy. Then I overhear him place his order. The voice is unmistakably that of Blaine from Pretty in Pink. When I tell my extroverted Classic Freedom (ESFJ) husband about the encounter, he couldn’t believe I didn’t ask him for a photo. Honestly, as an Introvert, it never dawned on me to ask.

How Boring Kills Brilliance

I received this regulatory notice from NY State today:

For the return due March 20, 2014, the Tax Department’s Sales Tax Web File service will require vendors to report credit information on a jurisdictional basis. This means for each jurisdiction for which you report activity, you must now separately report your credits against taxable sales and purchases.

Pixie Lights

A PixieTip on mini lanterns would seemingly make the most sense to write in May but I’m doing it now because I think they are the way to decorate your lawn this fall or coming holiday season, not to mention easy to do. Plus, strings of lights everywhere on your bushes and trees is so 1985. If you’re aghast that I’m even discussing the holidays pre-Halloween then you are not a Classic (SJ) like me. Please, you know I’ve finished at least a third of my Christmas shopping already.

Got a Messy Desk?

Nicki’s Desk BeforeToday’s PixieTip is the end result of real life advice we gave to FutureDerm’s CEO, Nicki Zevola about a month ago. We featured Nicki’s Retinol product last week, which as an aside I’m still using religiously with continued improvement, and are featuring the advice we gave Nicki as an Organic Structure (NFJ) with a messy desk. If you’re an Organic (NF) or a Smart (NT) — or a Classic (SJ) like me or a Fun (SP) forced to live with an Organic or a Smart — then this is a must read. 

Want Younger Looking Skin?

I’m assuming if you’re a woman over the age of 20 — and haven’t spent years living under a rock — you’ve heard of Retin-A. I’m a layman expert after 20 years of using it for acne. If I hadn’t, my face would be a sea of sun damage discoloration. Instead I’ve got one sun spot that my mom would roll her eyes at if I pointed it out. Recently, I received a free sample of FutureDerm Time Release Retinol-A and it blew away the Retin-A product my dermatologist had me using for anti-ageing as well as help with a recent acne breakout.