The Fiscal Cliff

OMG. We’re totally kidding. We’re not going to talk about the Fiscal Cliff because I might claw my eyes out if I hear that phrase one more time. Unfortunately for me, the fiscal cliff solution just pushed the political debate out about two months guaranteeing I might go blind by spring. But, this irritant got me thinking about one of the biggest personality frictions out there: Ps versus Js — more process oriented folks like Funs (SP), Organic Freedoms (NFP), and Smart Freedoms (NTP) versus more get it done yesterday folks like Classics (SJ), Organic Structures (NFJ) and Smart Structures (NTJ). As a Classic, the way our government is set up infuriates me (and most of America since the get it done types make up the majority of the population) because it’s meant to be slow and deliberative to prevent a tyranny of the majority (CLASSICS!). Crafty little guys those Founding Fathers.

Get Up & Go!

On Monday, I appeared on HuffPost Live — Huffington Post’s online talk show — to opine on how to make mornings more stress free. Click here to see me in action on their Get Up & Go segment. As a Classic (SJ), I was born to do this segment. Growing up, I’d often sleep in my clothes with shoes and socks placed by my bedside to better hit the ground running when my dad woke me up or my alarm went off. My Organic Freedom (NFP) sister was still drooling on her pillow while I was downstairs eating my cereal. I no longer sleep in my clothes — although I probably would if my husband wouldn’t tell everyone what a freak I remain —  but I do a ton of things before bed to reduce morning stress. It’s the advice given most often when discussing how to do so. We offer some important tweaks on this age old advice plus some novel ideas.

Holiday Hangover

While some of us recover from two, three, maybe four weeks of over-indulgence in food, drink and late nights, Katie has informed me that another type of holiday hangover exists for most personality types. It’s called the “Holidays messing with your routine and throwing you off your game in January” Hangover. I’ll think of something catchier later or maybe make it into an insane acronym —HMWYRATYOYGIJH — now that’s catchy. My initial thought was that the holidays throw Katie, Organic Freedom (NF), off her game because she’s not prepared for the holidays ahead of time unlike moi and other less smug Classics (SJ) (see my fabulous pre-holiday post)