Zen and the Art of Drawer Organization

I had an entirely different post planned for this week but then I received a Daily Grommet customizable product idea — DrawerDecor — and I immediately decided to feature it. As a Classic (SJ) that loves everything to have a very specific, distinct home, the image to the left was a form of visual zen for me. I immediately melted when I saw it. Then I tensed up when I thought about what it would end up looking like at my Organic Freedom (NFP) sister’s house after a month’s use … and probably quite a few other homes too.

Do Couches Count as Home Offices?

I was at dinner on Monday with a friend and her beau who had just started his own firm. He’s working from home right now and mentioned what an adjustment it is from an office. And how! When we started PixiesDidIt, I went from two computer screens, a large desk, multiple phone lines and an ergonomically correct desk chair in hedge fund land to a pull-out secretary in my bedroom along a 3 foot wall seated on an extra dining chair. Although that’s not true, at first I tried copying my sister, an Organic Freedom (INFP), by moving to different spots around the house to see where I was most efficient — couch, easy chair, dining table — and as it turns out there is no place I get more work done than when seated at a traditional desk. End of story. Yet, I know in my bones this cannot be the case for everybody.

Valentine’s Day Gift Special

You’re either a Valentine’s Day kind of person or you’re not. Whether you’re married or dating could also be a factor in whether you celebrate. But I’m talking about wanting to celebrate, not you celebrate because you have to or you’ll upset your significant other. I haven’t done enough research to know if personality type determines how you feel about Valentine’s day but my gut instinct tells me it’s a small factor. I think that more practical types — Classics (SJ), some Funs (SP), Organic Structures (NFJ), and Smart Structures (NTJ) are less likely to make a big deal about this holiday. They’re the ones most likely to go out to dinner on February 13th to avoid the overpriced menus and Organic Freedoms (NFP) would be the most likely to find this way of celebrating perplexing to say the least. We offer a few ideas on how to please Valentine’s Day kind of people across the personality spectrum.

Quote Unquote

I am a sucker for a good quote. They inspire me and I often use them to give advice. Ages ago, I read about how my personality type — Introverted Classic Freedom (ISFJ) — likes to use sayings in conversation but ironically often gets them wrong — and I do. Really wrong. My worst offense is, “Three in hand, one in the bush, what’s the difference?” but a close second is, “You know what they say about people living in glass houses…” I used that one for years until I did so in the wrong context. My friend looked at me and said, “What do you mean?” Only I had no idea what people meant about people in glass houses. I was simply compelled to spout it. That’s when I learned about the stones bit. So, in the mood to inspire this week, and given my penchant for sayings, I collected a few good ones from my daily quote email (from Values.com) and arranged them by personality type. I copied them verbatim so they should be free of my usual butchering.