Spring Break BABY!

That’s right, I’m on Spring Break and I wasn’t going to do a Pixie Tip today. But as a hard-working Classic Freedom (SFJ), it’s hard for me to justify vacations from work. So, today’s tip is short, sweet and tailor made for the MacGyver’s of the universe, Classic Structures (STJ), Fun Structures (STP) and some Classic Freedoms (SFJ). It’s called Sugru, self-setting rubber. It’s a Daily Grommet find and it’s crazy handy in jerry-rigging broken items. But I warn you guys, jerry-rigging is a stop-gap measure. I fixed the broken handle on my stroller and it’s held up for at least a month. Eventually, you have to replace whatever it is that’s broken because the attractiveness level and long-term utility of jerry-rigged items is almost always a 0 on a scale from 1-10. 

Modern Mail Problems

I was re-reading David Allen’s Getting it Done: The Art of Stressfree Productivity — because that’s what a Classic Freedom (ISFJ) Professional Organizer like myself does for fun on the side — and had a deep thought that so much of modern stress is due to the fact that we now all have not one, but a PLETHORA of mailboxes in our lives. In days of yore, we each got mail once a day and then dealt with it once a day. Now, we not only have multiple mailboxes — personal email, work email, home mailbox, work mailbox — we get inundated with mail throughout the day. Oy vay. So, I was intrigued by a new service still in its infancy called Outbox, which essentially turns ALL of your snail mail into email.

Queen Bees

This past weekend, the WSJ had a provocative article about Queen Bees in the workplace. In a nutshell, it said women at the top of the corporate ladder who you’d expect to mentor women climbing up said ladder, don’t. In fact, many actively undermine these female underlings. This is surprising to those who expected successful career women to bring female warmth to a male dominated cold, calculating corporate rat race. What surprised me was that anyone would expect a woman succeeding in this world to then turnaround and become a different person. Naturally, I think it’s about personality type and how these women are wired. But when I threw this idea out during the Q&A session of our talk to the APTi Southern CT chapter, one member of the audience disagreed because she’d seen research that showed these successful women do mentor … young men. Gasp!

Trashy Habits

My Classic Freedom (SFJ) husband drives me crazy with his trash habits. Our kitchen has a small recycling bin that fills up fast. But regardless of its state of fullness, even when empty, my husband lines up containers to be recycled on the counter top. I noticed his parents do the same — line up their recycling on a kitchen counter so I asked my husband why he put recycling on the counter top, expecting to hear that he did so because it’s what his parents did. Understandable. But then he replied, “I do it so the recycling bin remains ‘not full.'” I hope its obvious why my reaction is best summed up as “#!*&$@!$??”