My Way or the Highway

As I said in a previous tip, I’ve been working like a madwoman on our book — genius title forthcoming once I have a brainstorming session with my awesome non-fiction book proposal classmates next week. Last night, Katie and I had a mini brainstorming session and realized that we have six steps we give clients to help them get organized. I didn’t realize this at first because we so often only discuss one or two steps when explaining to people what we do. But, really we use six steps to help clients get organized. The titles below will admittedly change as I further edit our book but you’ll get the general gist. Guess which one is the hardest for people to implement?

1. Admit you have a personality type.
2. Recognize that some things in life are hard for you and others come easily.
3. Formalize your existing semi-functioning organizational systems.
4. Create extra room and acceptance for what’s hard for you.
5. Try to reduce tasks down to 1 step whenever possible.
6. Accept the fact that your way isn’t the only way.

Time to Party

This weekend marks the unofficial start to summer and parties. I say unofficial, since the Summer Solstice isn’t until June 21 and as a Classic (SJ) I’m a stickler for rules. Although I do allow myself to wear white starting this weekend even though it’s not technically summer. Who says I’m rigid? Yet, I digress. I want to talk about throwing parties — not food or decor — but more subtle things that make one party fine and another magical. It involves personality preferences and how each of us have a tendency to accidentally make guests uncomfortable. Just being aware of what these are will help you throw a more magical get together. 

Oh the Places You Will Go

One of my favorite graduation gifts was from one of best friend’s moms whom I’d grown up with and who was also a close friend of my mom’s. She gave me monogrammed silver earrings — what Classic (SJ) doesn’t love monograms — and a copy of the Dr. Seuss book “Oh the Places You Will Go.” Since almost half the population are Classics, you’re guaranteed to hit a triple with this combo gift since the other half of the population will appreciate the sentiment behind the book even if they’re not into monogram stuff.  But, if you want to take this idea a step farther, get a home run for a graduation gift, then look no further than today’s PixieTip. 

The Unbearable Bane of Thank You Notes

Okay I admit it, I love getting thank-you notes. In fact I love getting traditional mail as much as the next person, but do I ever do it myself? Do I make my kids write thank-you notes like my mom made me? Nope. This Organic Freedom (NFP) has convinced herself  that life is too short to stress out about all the thank-you notes I haven’t written. Of course, having been raised by an Organic Structure (NFJ) who can get things like thank-you notes crossed off her list in no time, for me they linger and bother me, even if I say otherwise. If I don’t do them right away they won’t happen at all, and if there’s any impediment — think where are the stamps, where is my stationery, do I have their address, or a week spent inmy purse unposted — then I’m doomed. So imagine my delight when I read an article calling for a plea to save traditional thank-you notes by allowing us to not always write them. Subversive and a relief for me and other types like mine, but can we get all those Classics (SJs) in the world to go along with it?

Dear Diary 2.0

Growing up, I religiously kept a diary until I was about 20 years old when I read my great grandmother’s teenage diary. I thought she sounded really shallow given what a fantastic mom and grandmother she became. Then it dawned on me that one day I could have a great granddaughter reading MY diary and judging me. That night, I immediately ripped out a couple of pages. Only when it was too late did I realize future generations could infer far worse things than I’d actually done from ripped pages or that I was nutty. I didn’t start up again until I had kids but have found long hand laborious. Enter an intriguing app called Day One…