Eat Don’t Drink Your Kale

Up until just a few years ago, kale, terrified me. I think fear of kale is a sort of universal personality type thing until you try it in a delicious recipe. My husband refuses to eat just about anything super healthy — let alone a kale shake. But I got him to try nutritionist Barbara Lincoln’s recipe for Rice Bowls with Kale below to which I added a few additional vegetables and he liked it. Okay, okay, he ate it, which he doesn’t do if he doesn’t like something. I, however, liked it as in I am looking forward to my leftovers liked it.

Adding Not Subtracting

Building on our idea last week of trying to make being healthier easier, being a Flexitarian, we’re following up with a couple of yummy, healthy yet easy (and flexible) meal ideas from a Classic Freedom (SFJ) nutritionist, Barbara Lincoln. Both buttress the notion of being healthy by adding things rather than subtracting things plus a tip on how to make adding these healthy things easier, i.e., how to avoid a half a drawer of rotten fruit. 


One of our favorite clients turned me on to a book called VB6: Eat Vegan Before 6:00 to Lose Weight and Restore Your Health … for Good, by Mark Bittman. Truthfully, I haven’t read it yet. I’m one of the world’s slowest readers and am reading another get healthy book — Womancode by Alisa Vitti — so it’ll be 2015 by the time I get to this one. But the premise of VB6 is kind of a big “Duh!” and goes with our entire Pixie ethos. Do what works for you. If eating healthy 24/7 forever seems so impossible you think, “Why even bother,” stop thinking of how to be healthier in terms of, “What you should do,” and instead, “What you could do.”  

1 Step, 2 Step, 3 Step more

Katie reminded me about a seminar we did two years ago in San Francisco for the Association for Pyschological Type International (APTi) — yes, we’re highly entertaining in person too. Feel free to hire us! One of the attendees, a Smart Freedom (NTP), told us that the most helpful piece of advice they got that day was to peel back a task until you get it as close to 1 step as possible. This is the key to getting something done when it’s hard for you to do so. This is universally true but for more detailed types, Classics (SJ) and Funs (SP), this advice is often best when turned on its head.