I heard about Fracture from a Classic Structure (STJ) friend of mine and I thought this was a brilliant idea. They print your photo on glass rather than paper, which at first I thought, “Why would I want to do this?” but then I realized for myriad reasons. Foremost in my mind is that it allows you to have photos on the wall without framing and matting. This means certain personality types — Funs (SP) and Organic Freedoms (NFP) — that like to switch decor up don’t have to sweat the color of their frames.  

The Perfect Burger for Every Personality

It’s summer and the Pixies are on vacation down at the beach in South Carolina. Husband of Pixie (Kelly’s husband) here with a guest post. I thought that I would take this rare opportunity to talk about grilling and the perfect burger. Since I am a Classic Freedom (ESFJ), really good burgers matter to me, right? I got a quick and dirty hamburger recipe from my man, Bobby Flay, who is probably an Organic Freedom (NFP).

Cha Cha Cha Chia, Cha Cha Cha Chia Seeds

Get your head around it — if you’re not already aware of this fact — Chia seeds not only make adorable house plants, they are also edible and good for you. I heard this a while back but did nothing with this information because I wasn’t sure how to eat them. Barbara Lincoln, Classic Freedom (SFJ) and brilliant nutritionist, has a great recipe for Chia pudding plus some tips about surrepititiously incorporating flax into your diet. The pudding takes a little advance planning so easiest for Classics (SJ), Organic Structure (SFJ) and Smart Structure (STJ). But, not THAT much planning so pretty universal for all types as is the flax seed tip.