Pixie Lights

A PixieTip on mini lanterns would seemingly make the most sense to write in May but I’m doing it now because I think they are the way to decorate your lawn this fall or coming holiday season, not to mention easy to do. Plus, strings of lights everywhere on your bushes and trees is so 1985. If you’re aghast that I’m even discussing the holidays pre-Halloween then you are not a Classic (SJ) like me. Please, you know I’ve finished at least a third of my Christmas shopping already.

Got a Messy Desk?

Nicki’s Desk BeforeToday’s PixieTip is the end result of real life advice we gave to FutureDerm’s CEO, Nicki Zevola about a month ago. We featured Nicki’s Retinol product last week, which as an aside I’m still using religiously with continued improvement, and are featuring the advice we gave Nicki as an Organic Structure (NFJ) with a messy desk. If you’re an Organic (NF) or a Smart (NT) — or a Classic (SJ) like me or a Fun (SP) forced to live with an Organic or a Smart — then this is a must read. 

Want Younger Looking Skin?

I’m assuming if you’re a woman over the age of 20 — and haven’t spent years living under a rock — you’ve heard of Retin-A. I’m a layman expert after 20 years of using it for acne. If I hadn’t, my face would be a sea of sun damage discoloration. Instead I’ve got one sun spot that my mom would roll her eyes at if I pointed it out. Recently, I received a free sample of FutureDerm Time Release Retinol-A and it blew away the Retin-A product my dermatologist had me using for anti-ageing as well as help with a recent acne breakout.

Communication Breakdown

The biggest culprit for disorganization in a shared household is lack of communication about expectations — where and how things should be stored. This communication breakdown leads to silent resentment and arguments or in the words of Led Zeppelin:

Communication Breakdown, It’s always the same,
I’m having a nervous breakdown, Drive me insane!

We have two tips on how to reduce this insanity inspired by a great piece in The Spectator: It’s the secret of a successful marriage, my wife treats me like a dog.