The Thrill of the Last Minute

All your Christmas shopping done yet? Mine is. But last night I hadn’t even started and when a well meaning friend went into a full blown panic after she heard what to her was terrifying news I thought, “Well, no time like the present,” and I got online and it felt good to get a few presents in the queue onto Santa’s sleigh so to speak. And then I couldn’t stop. There were deals and free shipping deadlines and sales ending at midnight, and so I kept on until the wee hours of the morning. By mid-afternoon today I was done. And it feels good. It’s the way my Organic Freedom (NFP) type likes to do it. All at once and with a big rush of adrenaline and excitement.

Routines That Aren’t Boring

My Classic (SJ) sister Kelly likes to say that Organic Freedoms (NFPs) like myself, Smart Freedoms (NTPs) and also Funs (SP)s are terrible at keeping routines, but it’s simply not true. Sure I like a day free from any obligations or plans, but the simple fact is, if I didn’t have what Classics like to call “routines” I wouldn’t get anything done. I’m sure Kelly is laughing in disbelief that I have any routines at all, but I do and when I skip them, I start to feel as rootless as she does.

FAMILY!@#! Stress to Family Bliss

Today’s column is not about why families cause stress — this would never fit within a 300-500 word blog. Instead we’re tackling why one person stresses out spending time with their family while another family member finds time spent with the same exact family to be blissful. Our personalities determine how we experience the exact same experience, i.e., the same Christmas dinner can yield many vastly different experiences. The trick to family bliss is simply acknowledging this reality.