The Help

I have an Organic Freedom (NFP) friend who has recently been relegated to her bed as she recovers from a major illness. Up until this enforced bed rest she had a pretty well-oiled tidy home for a working mom of three. I know, it’s hard for some of you Classic (SJ) judgers (ahem, Kelly) to believe, but their are plenty of Organic Freedoms (NFPs) who are able to keep their house neat and clean even if it comes more naturally to Classics (SJs) and Funs (SPs). Just because they will tend to put up with a mess longer than Classics and Funs and their homes might be a bit rougher around the edges in style, it doesn’t mean they actually like disorganization. And my friend is in despair because even though she has lots of help, without her physically moving through every room like the force of nature she is, the organized machine has ground to a halt.

One Sock Is Not a Pair

Oh, I know I’m not alone in this. That single perfect sock that has no match. Maybe it’s the romantic in me but it drives me crazy. Maybe even a little bit more crazy than crumbs in my bed. No wait, THAT is what drives me most crazy. But mismatched socks? I shudder. I know there are some people who can wear them. And I can if they’re the same kind of sock, but different colors, it’s a texture thing, like the crumbs. And I know what you’re thinking…a loosey goosey Organic Freedom (NFP) like me shouldn’t care about such things. But I DO. To distraction.

The One Step Wonder

This week I was going to write about how I had finally managed to get rid of a hamper sized bag of mismatched socks, but alas, as with many well intentioned Organic Freedoms (NFPs) I’m going to have to push that idea back till next week. I did manage to match a lot of socks, in fact even half the hamper, but we’ll get to my hoarding tendencies later. Today we’re going to talk about making life easier. Today it’s about the hopefully soon to be Pixie patented “One Step Wonder.”

The Bag Lady in All of Us

Kelly and I are putting the finishing touches on our book proposal and have been coming up with “universals”, i.e., “Quick Organizational Solutions that Work for all Types.” But one of the things we hadn’t touched upon was organizational problems that all types share. And if there’s one of those dilemmas that rises above all others, it’s bags. Plastic grocery bags, reusable grocery bags, giveaway tote bags, thick fancy paper clothing store bags, and of course actual traveling baggage. We’ve all got it. No matter what the type, we are all to some extent Bag people somewhere deep inside.