Happy Spring Break!

Hope that somewhere you are doing something fun and exciting. Kelly’s off on a Spring Break adventure, while Katie is recovering from the most recent “Arctic Bomb” on the east coast. How many new ways can they come up with saying, “Baby, it’s cold outside?”

Ransacked by Rouge New York

I try to live by the advice I dole out to clients and frequently purge things — clothes, shoes, paper, doodads and whatnots. Keeps clutter at bay and me happy. Makeup is the only thing that’s impervious to these purges. What thwarts me is incompetence, “Maybe I could wear that bright blue eye shadow if I knew how to apply it,” but also guilt over buying blue eye shadow and never using it and then worry that I might desperately miss the blue shadow if I toss it. So when new, uber-hip make-up salon, Rouge New York, came up with The Ransack service — you bring your make-up bag to them, they tell you what to toss, what to keep, what to add and how to accomplish a look with the remainder — I was sold.

Death, Taxes & Procrastination

You know the saying, “The only two things in life that are certain are death & taxes.” I think it’s time to edit this saying because procrastination is also a certainty. ALL personality types do it. Everybody. Some types — Funs (SP), Organic Freedoms (ENFP & INFP), and Smart Freedoms (ENTP & INTP) — are just better at it than others. Today’s tip is why different personality types procrastinate plus a helpful tip to make your next tax season just a little easier courtesy of our favorite bookkeeper, Marlene Cantor, at Executive Bookkeeping Services who spoke at The NY Network breakfast meeting a few weeks ago.