Blue Apron

My biggest goal in life is to make things as simple as possible. My husband would tell you otherwise. But as many can attest, it is rather difficult to prepare a simple healthy meal with two screaming toddlers in the background. Dinnertime in my house often sounds like: Mommy, why can’t I have macaroni again? I can’t eat that!! Why can’t I eat yet? Mommy I need more water now!! Mommy, I spilled my water!! Mommy, I burned my mouth, ow!! Between dealing with the catastrophes, we often end up with burned food. Which is why when a good friend sent me a few days of Blue Apron as a gift I was thrilled.

Life Changing Kitchen Tips

I’m sure all of the Funs (SP) in this world know most of these tips because in the kitchen they tend to experiment more than by the book Classics (SJ) like myself. The one that amazed me most was how to get more lemon juice out of lemons — 20 seconds in the microwave. It sounds ridiculously trivial but once you know how you realize you went through a lot of lemons over the years unnecessarily.

Tame Your Coat Closet

Spring has sprung, allelujah!! I was reading Martha Stewart Living’s March issue last week when I came across an article about how to clean out your front hall closet for spring — Declutter the Coat Closet. There were some useful ideas for all personality types — hooks and baskets on doors — and then ideas certain personality types should never attempt — color tagged hangers for each family member’s coats. I think the latter would last maybe 30 minutes in an Organic or Smart Freedom household. Although for that matter, it really would only work for an insanely uptight, organized, unemployed Classic.

For Clueless Classics

You are forewarned that about half of you will think today’s tip is a fantastic idea and the other half will eye roll. Remember the movie Clueless with Alicia Silverstone? If yes, then dig even deeper into your cranial cavities and try to remember that scene where she uses a computer that picks out her clothes. Well, it exists and almost for free if you’ve got 3 hours and a smartphone.