Packing the Kitchen Sink

A few weeks ago at dinner with some business school friends, one of them told me that she still uses a travel tip I gave her six years ago. I was flabbergasted because I couldn’t believe I knew what I was talking about six years ago as my sister and I had just started our professional organizing business. The tip was basically a twist on making a packing list. Not a big surprise given the fact that Classics, and especially me, love lists more than Gollum loves Precious in Lord of the Rings. But, she also reminded me of another — I think even BETTER — travel tip that I gave her.

Disposable Toys: Evil or Godsends?

Classic Structures (STJ) likely created most of the organizational structures that exist on this green earth because they’re practical and logical by nature. Efficient. True, everyone can be these things but they’re not as innate as they’re for Classic Structures. It’s why I go to these folks whenever I want an easy, practical, no-nonsense solution. So when I thought about packing kid entertainment for our car trip, I remembered a great tip from a dear Classic Structure friend. Mimic what a great many of us do when visiting any airport newstand: buy disposable schlock.

How to Avoid Miserable Bosses

Years ago I had a friend who always had a nightmare for a boss. She’d move firms but end up with yet another one. The third or fourth time this happened to her, I said, “You do know, the point of an interview is not solely for them to interview you. You also need to interview them to see if it’s going to be a good fit for you too.” Then I used all of my willpower to resist being a grating Classic and repeat one of my favorite sayings, “Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me.” Often we’re so grateful for a job opportunity that we forget to interview the interviewer. And no, it’s not simply about finding someone with your personality type.

The Neolithic Diet

Eons ago, I wrote my first nutrition PixieTip during a theme month about adding not subtracting in life, if you can’t remember back that far (I barely do!) here’s the link. I recently ran into an old friend in the supermarket who mentioned she was struggling with her weight. She said that she was on the Paleo diet. I asked how it was going and she said, “Good,” stopping the conversation dead in its tracks and I know why. As many of my friends and acquaintances can attest, I can be a bit preachy when it comes to nutrition, namely subtraction or elimination diets because they can often cause nutritional deficiencies.

Foolproof Thank You Gift Idea

I was visiting with a dear friend yesterday when she asked if I had any ideas of how to thank people who had helped her daughter get into a certain prestigious pre-school in Manhattan — not quite the equivalent of getting into Yale, but close. She was trying to figure out a way to incorporate the name of the school into the gift but we were both drawing a blank. Then it came to me … buy something really nice dollar-wise that’s generic and then personalize it with a child’s drawing. Thoughtful plus pricey guarantees you’ll please all personality types.