Easy Summer Meal Ideas

Summer is a time when nobody (regardless of personality type) wants to slave over a stove for long but rather enjoy a beautiful day & the company they keep. So I’ve got a few ideas, stolen from people with actual culinary talents, to make this a reality. First up is Martha Stewart Living’s Speedy and Silky Mac and Cheese from her May issue. Quick, easy and I had all of the ingredients in my very pantry except one and of my Kraft Mac n Cheese loving kids (& husband) devoured it. Read on for the recipe plus a few small dish ideas. 

Ingenious Beach Cover-Up Idea

I’m featuring a cool idea I saw in Martha Stewart’s Living June issue. What can I say? It’s summer and I’m working on homework our agent gave us for our book proposal, my well is dry. I love looking at Martha’s calendar in the front of the magazine to see how she fits in time to visit all of her sundry homes; it’s good to be Martha. But yet I digress. This tip has Organic Structure plus a few Classics and Funs written all over it. This is because the only way to implement her idea is if you already have a key sewing tool on hand. I have yet to meet a Smart who is an avid sewer. But write me and tell me about it if you’re a Smart who is a member of a quilting bee somewhere.

Shopping List Central

After six weeks of painful recovery from abdominal surgery, I’m finally beginning to feel like myself, or enough like myself to be able to give my long suffering sister a break. I’ve also been recovering in other people’s houses, the better for my mom to take care of me and the better for me to do first hand anthropological personality type research. It’s been a crash course in the big differences between Classic and Organic homes and I’m here to dish the dirt, or the lack of dirt as the case may be. The first thing I noticed in the difference between the two households — probably because this is what I seem to care most about when I’m in pain — was how my caregivers kept track of my comfort food supply.

Taming Crazing Coat Closets

I’m busy working on a client this week so I’ll be insanely brief with a tip on coat closets. Remember this is one of the only closets that outsiders get to see. It’s the living room of closets. Like all shared use closets, they can get jam packed, i.e., every personality in the household interacts with them. First things first, matching hangers.