It’s Hard GETTING Organized

Crazy that an organizing company whose motto is “Life Should Be Easy” will admit in writing that organizing it is hard, but it is. No matter what your personality type, it’s the getting part that’s always so difficult. Staying organized is much easier, but not if you’ve organized yourself in a way that doesn’t take into account your personality type. Or worse, you actually organized but don’t think you are because you don’t think or feel that it looks the way it should. Ah those “shoulds” again. Life should be easy, but it isn’t always because we’re always having to get organized and never allowed to feel or think that we already are.

What’s the solution? Well you can hire us. You can read our blog and look through our extensive archive of PixieTips for some solutions, and soon you’ll be able to buy our book, but until then, here’s a few tips to help you get started.

What’s So Wrong with Being “Anal”?

I know, I should have titled last week’s entry as What’s So Wrong with Being Lazy? But hey, what’s done is done. The point is that just as being lazy gets a bad rap, so does being “anal.” I know it’s a terrible thing Freud did in equating being neat and tidy with having issues with potty training, or whatever it was he was getting at, but while no one would argue there’s anything wrong with being neat and tidy, we tend to denigrate these attributes with “being anal” or the more updated and similarly psychiatric “being OCD. ” Why is everyone so embarrassed to be clean?

The Virtues of Being Lazy

I know, I know, probably half of you are cringing at the very thought that laziness could be anything other than evil incarnate, but I posit that it’s actually a magical key towards easy and organized living. Why? Because if we’re not organized, then we’re either the type who is always doing too much, or we suffer from trying to make organizing harder than it has to be, or we’re just so exhausted we don’t have the energy to do anything but throw the mail on the dining room table and collapse in front of the television when we get home. The answer? Lazy solutions. Sure you can call them easy or simple, but lazy is more fun. It’s summertime, tailormade for lazy days, so it’s time to give lazy the positive spin it’s always deserved. 

Happy 4th of July!

As I type this I am outside enjoying the great outdoors, sitting in a plastic chair sweating. It’s almost unbearable and it’s what I imagine India to feeling like on a sweltering day. I wish someone would invent a type of air conditioning that would let you enjoy the outdoors on a hot summer day without all of the hot part — the reverse of the heat lamps Parisian brasseries use for their outdoor patios in the winter. But for now I’ll just take mini breaks inside with existing air conditioning technology. Someone once told me Life Should Be Easy and so it is as I’ve written today’s PixieTip. What? You were expecting an actual PixieTip?? God bless America and also whoever invented good old fashioned air conditioning.