Shanah Tovah!

Happy New Year to our Jewish readers!

One of the perks of being part of a multi-cultural family as well as professional organizers is that we both have subscriptions in our e-calendars for Jewish, Christian, Chinese and Cleveland Browns calendars and therefore know about all sorts of holidays. Boxing Day, anyone? But the real reason there’s no PixieTip today is that my kids had the first day of Rosh Hashanah off yesterday, so I didn’t have my usual “me” time that school and the baby’s nap provides. But next Thursday I will have my “me” time and will be writing about Fall Cleaning. That’s right, Pixies like to shake things up and that means “Spring” cleaning in the Fall.

Mister Roger’s Entranceway

Everything I needed to know about organization I learned from Mister Rogers. Well not everything, but it still took me four decades to figure out that the way Mister Rogers took off his jacket and replaced it with a cardigan at the beginning of the show (ditto for his work shoes for sneakers) was exactly the kind of routine I needed to have to get and then keep my front hall organized.

The Magical Purse

This tip won’t work for everyone. Actually I can guarantee that the half of you who are Classics (SJs) plus you Organic Structures (NFJs) and Smart Structures (NTJs) will think we are mad-hatters, but the best organizational tip I ever had was from my fabulous  sister-in-law, Rebecca Perkins, of RougeNY: A Makeup Salon fame.

Make Way For Baby

People have an inkling that babies come with a lot of stuff; veteran parents bemoan it loudly and often. But the one thing rarely discussed — the thing that was an eye opener for most of our clients — is that this onslaught of baby stuff isn’t just one big avalanche. It’s constant. It’s like snow in Cleveland in January. It never ends and comes in faster than anyone who is lacking a fulltime nanny, an attic and a slew of pre-existing empty bins can manage in those first few years.