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5 Reasons to Buy Organize Your Way Today

Organize Your Way: Simple Strategies for Every Personality TypeDoes organization still allude you? Do you have pockets of mess hidden in cupboards, closets and dusty attics? Or maybe you’re like me and have a few rooms (okay a lot of rooms) that need immediate attention now that the weather is getting colder (is it?) and you’re spending more time inside and it’s impossible to ignore them anymore? But here’s the thing. Organize Your Way, the book me and my sister wrote? It can help you get organized. Let it be the inspiration or motivation to help you get organized when you can’t stand the mess anymore. And if that’s not enough reason to buy it today, here are five more:

  1. It’s cheaper than hiring an organizer, and you get the wisdom of two organizers who have seen and pretty much organized everything.
  2. It makes a great gift. And if you buy three of them from us, we’ll give you a free PixiePlan with PixieCoaching. That’s three people off your holiday shopping list, plus a gift for yourself and it’s not even Halloween yet.
  3. It has personalized and unconventional solutions for people who aren’t fastidious Type A’s. Tips you won’t see or get anywhere else.
  4. It’s a fun and easy read and is guaranteed to make you feel better about your home and your self.
  5. It’s has beautiful and inspirational before and after illustrations by Carol Breckenridge, who also does custom illustrations that would also make great gifts for the upcoming holiday season.

We aim to please here at PixiesDidIt! so let these two Pixies into your life and let’s make life easier!

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