Pixie Approved Products

We want to make life easy, specifically YOUR life easy. To further that cause, we have compiled a list of resources and products that will at a minimum make organizing your life a little easier but hopefully life in general too. The list will be continually evolving as we find different resources to share with you.

Disclaimer: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links and we will earn a commission if you purchase through those links. We use all of the products listed below in our clients’ homes and our own homes because they work and make life easier. Please let us know if you have any questions about anything listed below!


Coat Closet Hangers

wood-hangersMatching coat hangers are a must as they keep coats on the same visual plane thereby making it easier to see your coats. These Basic Shirt Hangers from the Container Store are the best coat hangers for your Entranceway closet as they’re streamlined, sturdy and not too expensive. Smarts will argue that you need massive, space hogging, wooden, shoulder filling hangers to properly maintain high-end caliber coats and blazers. Poppycock; they are often overkill as the vast majority of overcoats and blazers are not that finely tailored. But we know Smarts will not listen to us on this subject so if you’re going to ignore us or your coats are made by Henry Poole or Bernard Weatherill — and if you don’t know who they are then you’re safe with just Basic Coat Hangers — at least get the Superior Natural Wood Hangers that match the Basic Coat Hangers.

Clothes Hangers

huggable-hangersMatching hangers are a must as they keep clothing on the same visual plane thereby making it easier to see your clothing. Huggable Hangers are our go to hangers for most of our gal clients because they’re super thin — create space for more clothes — and garments don’t slip off of them. For the fellas we most often use the Basic Shirt Hangers since guy’s stuff is just in general heavier. Huggable Hangers are strictly for clothing and should never be used in a coat closet — our mom did this for years and it drove both of us up the wall. They’re not meant to handle heavy coats and suits.

Moth Protection

cedar-oil-125x125Nothing is worse than discovering you have moths, i.e., when you find random holes in your sweaters courtesy of moth larvae. No, wait there is something worse. The solution most people turn to and shouldn’t … Mothballs. The chemicals in them are carcinogenic to animals and possibly humans. Plus they smell awful in your home and on you. Don’t do it to yourself. Use Cedar Blocks instead. The scent kills the larvae. Buy Cedar Oil to keep them fresh — you can sand them too but this sounds like a pain in the patootie. Generally you want to get enough blocks to have a noticeable scent in your closet.

Boot Shapers

boot-shapersAll boots need Boot Shapers or they flop over and make a mess the instant you take them off. These boot shapers are amazing because you can stand boots up on the floor or a shelf OR if you have the hanging room you can hang them, which is technically the best way to store boots.

Closet System

closet-systemYou can spend a pretty penny on a contractor building you a custom closet but nothing gives you the bang for the buck like Elfa Closets at the Container Store. It’s our go to solution for clients because it’s customizable, changeable and easy to uninstall — seriously, I’ve uninstalled my fair share and I’m not exactly a master handymen. What is more, the Container Store saves your Elfa closet plan so that you can reuse parts if you move or want to change things. This means this closet system makes sense for owners and renters. You could bring it with you to your new place, return to the Container Store and they’ll re-customize a new closet for your new place using your existing parts and then add anything that is missing. It’s kind of amazing. Frugal Classics, Funs and Organic Structures will love the practicality of this system. If you’re searching for a higher end appearance, check out their deluxe options.


hooksThe secret to organization is to put Double Hooks everywhere. Everywhere. Okay this is an exaggeration. At a minimum, put two of them on the backs of most of your doors, especially closets. Organic Freedoms and Smart Freedoms should follow this advice and also put hooks everywhere they tend to frequently disrobe and leave articles of clothing. This prevents ye ol’ bedroom chair full of a mountain of clothing or at least keeps it to a hill of clothing.

Shelf Dividers

shelf-dividerWhatever you store on shelves inside closets — towels, linens, sweater, purses, bags … anything — these Shelf Dividers keep it all in order and make it easier to retrieve items.


label-makerVarious Etsy small shops are where we go for labels or gift tags. We most often label bins in closets with these. Etsy small shops are also a good source for sticky labels for shelves or walls. Organics and Smarts will most appreciate these. Classics and Funs might like them but also might just be fine with more utilitarian label maker results. Personally we’re basic DYMO labeler fans. But there are slew of other brands on Amazon too and a more deluxe DYMO one. We don’t have these precise ones because ours are ancient but then that’s a good sign if ours are still working! Fine point ink pens are great for writing on tags. But a fine point Sharpie works too.


binsThese Opaque bins from Amazon can work for Classics and Funs. More open transparent ones are best for Organics and Smarts. Label them if you live with one additional person or even if you’re a Classic living alone. It’ll give you a random shot of secret joy.


Lazy Susans

lazy-susanAll of the Susans we’ve ever known are quite industrious so we’ve never understood the name. But Lazy Susans are essential in kitchens. The ones we recommend here are the right price and the right size for almost any upper kitchen cupboard. They make the contents of a cupboard shelf viewable with the push of a fingertip. No more discovering a can of beans from 1985 in the back of your top shelf.

Kitchen Cabinet Shelves

cabinet-shelvesJiggering the contents of a kitchen to get everything just right is a bit like doing a 3D jigsaw puzzle and nothing helps us make it work more than Cabinet Shelves from the Container Store. Okay, so that sounded like an infomercial but seriously you need them even if you can adjust your cabinet shelves these still allow for much more versatility on each shelf. This means they help everything fit in the most logical place no matter how small or grand your kitchen.

Modular Drawer Organizers

drawer-organizerIf you’re a Classic or a Fun, you will LOVE these Modular Drawer Organizers. L.O.V.E. Buy a slew of them in different sizes and then play around with each drawer like a jigsaw puzzle until you get it just right.

Food Storage

food-storage-containerNothing makes a Classic happier than an insanely ordered fridge … except an insanely ordered fridge with matching food storage containers. These are our favorites. They make Classic Freedom Kelly sooooo happy. Besides, now that both BPA and BPA-Free plastic containers are bad, glass containers are the way to go.


underbed-boxAs much as we all try to fight it, storing things under your bed happens. The trouble is that when you innocently start doing it, then you do it willy nilly and soon you can’t easily get to the things in the middle. Then you forget about those things and then they collect a whole heck of a lotta dust. Plan for the inevitability of underbed storage by buying these Underbed Boxes with Wheels. They’re awesome because their bendable lids mean you don’t have to pull them all the way out to get to half of the contents … and they’re on wheels so they easily roll out. Gosh do we love these.


stacking-letter-holderWe spend a lot of time telling Organics and Smarts to get transparent bins for their myriad paper piles. These acrylic Stacking Letter Boxes are just one permutation of what we mean. They should be used in conjunction with other bins and never, ever stacked as they are pictured on the Container Store’s Website.


breckworks-thumbnail-125x125For those of you who love our artwork on our old website, don’t despair, it’s not gone for good, we’ll be featuring new artwork going forward. Plus if you subscribe to PixieTips, you’ll still get them every week. What’s even better is that you can now purchase these beautiful illustrations to adorn your walls. Go to BreckWorks on Etsy to peruse what our resident artist, Carol Breckenridge, has for sale.