Are Thank-You Emails Kosher?


Dear Katie & Kelly: The hostess of my baby shower sent out invites using Paperless Post, can I write my thank you notes via email?

Signed: Lazy in Laramie

Dear Lazy: Email is 100x more expedient than snail mail for sure. The answer depends on who you are and who the guests are. If you’re all millennials (under 34) you could get away with an email thank you note. But, to keep it classy, we’d suggest using Paperless Post’s thank you notes. It shows a little more effort and therefore appreciation. Anyone from an older generation though, we’d say take the time to write longhand notes. This is especially true if guests are classics, smarts or organic structures. After all the guests went to the trouble and expense to get you the gift and attend your shower, in their eyes, the least you can do is make the effort to write at thank you long hand. That being said, thanking someone for a dinner or a party these days can be done via text or email, regardless of age or personality.

Good luck! K&K 

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