Dear Katie & Kelly

Best Storage for Kids’ Crafts

Dear K&K: HELP! We’re having a craft explosion. My kids love doing crafts but they’re always everywhere and a total mess. Any great craft storage solutions? Sincerely, Crafty in Cohasset

Dear Crafty: Crafts are like grown up tools. You’ve got to have lots of big containers that also house some smaller containers, i.e., how a tool box also has smaller compartments within it. Our favorite is the Smart Tote from The Container Store. Ziploc bags are good in a pinch and sometimes the best solution. You also need to make sure you’re creating enough ROOM for all of these containers. We suggest trying to create a craft closet — if you’re truly overrun by crafts — or perhaps a storage bench with crafts inside. Maybe you could even reserve a whole cupboard for crafts in the kitchen. Happy Crafting! Katie & Kelly

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