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Bringing Jello Back for Memorial Day

picmYrPwuThere’s just something about the new smell of warm air and sun, backyard picnics, barbecues and park shelters that reminds me of Jello. Whenever I see that shivering sweet treat I’m transported to my childhood, gathering with my nearest and dearest and remembering all the lovely people who have touched our lives but are not longer with us.

In honor of Memorial Day I found four great recipes that will work for all types. There’s your traditional American flag layered Jello “casserole” pictured above which traditional Classics will love. It’s also pretty easy to make, so Organic Structures and Smart Structures will like it too. Any type who wants to class up the Jello a bit and take it to the next level will like this sweet stained glass treat. And I just had to include Aunt Sissy’s video on how to make tri-colored Jello parfait because frankly it’s just fun to watch.

imgresBut the first thing I found when looking for Memorial Day Jello treats was this new delicacy called a Raindrop cake. It looks like a big fat raindrop but tastes pretty darn good. And is as gourmet as Jello is ever going to get. So all you hipster Funs out there might get a kick out of this.

Happy Memorial day to everyone. Enjoy!





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