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Buying Bulk: Savvy or Stupid?

tBIHLgT1Dear Katie & Kelly: Does buying in bulk make sense in a small space? Mulling in Manhattan

Dear Mulling: Some personality types are compelled to buy in bulk. The primary reason many do it is saving money. But the secondary one we’ve found is FORO. Fear of running out. These folks are usually Classics or Funs. Organics and Smarts realize that unless they’re in the equivalent of Siberia, there’s usually a spot open to buy essentials. But, there are others who

First, figure out how much room you have to sensibly store things. Sensibly = you can see what you have and retrieve it easily. Then let your space and needs dictate what you can can and can’t buy. When doing the math on things, always value your time — is this an EXTRA shopping trip, how long are you spending refilling shampoos, ketchups, cleaning up spills from doing such? If a bulk store is farther out than your regular store, remember to factor in gas and your time. Time = money.

Cheers: Katie & Kelly

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