Bedding protectors are technically overkill

Dear K & K: My mother-in-law is obsessed with those covers you zip on mattresses and pillows to protect against bed bugs and other allergens. I can’t stand sleeping on them because they’re hard and plastic and crunch every time I move. Plus, it’s overkill! I say, replace your pillows every few years and call it a day. Right or wrong? Signed, Righteous in Redding.

Dear Righteous: Well, you’re both right and wrong. If you’re a Classic or a Fun, you’re dead wrong. Protectors are not overkill because you’re willing to do the extra steps they require to be cleaner and appreciate the thrifty aspect of delaying additional bedding purchases. As an aside, bedding protectors shouldn’t make noise. The one pictured above is “soft and silent” as they should be. Buy it here.

Let us be clear, however. No matter what your personality type, if you’ve got children, you need to buy them for all of their pillows and bedding. It just takes your kids first bout with the stomach flu to learn this tidbit the hard way.

NOW, you’re dead RIGHT if you’re an Organic Freedom or Smart Freedom. You guys need to get new bedding when you get to the point that you’re shocked by how gross your pillow looks when you change your sheets. Finally, Organic Structures and Smart Structures will be the wild card. Hope that helps! Katie & Kelly

Good vs. Evil: Paper or Online Calendars?

Dear K & K: I think I’m an Organic Structure and use an electronic calendar on my Mac. But, I can’t quite cut the cord with my paper calendar yet because it no longer has the functionality for To Do items. Is there an online calendar you recommend so I can go fully digital? Signed, Annoyed in Annapolis.

Dear Annoyed: Technically, since you’re an Organic Structure — visual with your memory — the best thing for you is to use a paper calendar instead of a computer. That being said, we realize paper doesn’t have the functionality of inviting people to meetings and syncing calendars that makes life SO much easier to plan these days. And as two brilliant women once said, Life Should Be Easy. By the way, Apple’s move to get rid of the To Do list made no sense to either of us.

We’ve got two ideas for you. First, checkout would be Wunderlist because you can get it to sync up with everything do a bunch of lists and To Dos. It’s free but there are in app purchases. Also, Google’s schedulers pretty great and free. Finally, it’s okay to have paper and digital. Sometimes the act of writing helps some of us REMEMBER and that alone makes life easier. All our best: Katie & Kelly


Getting Rid of Musty Smell in Old Drawers

Dear K & K: I’m a Smart Freedom who recently bought a used set of drawers for my bedroom. Alas, there is a musty old smell inside. Probably has had lots of old clothes in it for years. Sort of like at your grandmother’s house where the same things have been in the drawers for about 40 years. So the question is, is there something I can do to help the odor dissipate besides just airing them for a month? Is there a spray that does more than just cloak the odors? Signed: Why oh why Wyoming.

Dear Why: Yes, you need white vinegar, baking soda and a little elbow grease. Mainly, clean the drawers thoroughly and then have them sit in the sun for a while. Martha Stewart advises wiping down with water/vinegar solution then putting a sealed plastic container full of white vinegar with holes poked on the top of the lid in each drawer overnight to soak up the remaining smells (featured photo). Although, I’ve read other blogs telling you to put bowls on baking soda in each drawer overnight (or a few days) to soak up the smell. Most blogs offer a combo of Martha’s advice, washing with Murphy’s oil soap, putting on a wood conditioner and then exposing the drawers to sunlight. Whatever you decide, pick the easiest route first. Hope that helps! Katie & Kelly

Digitize Office Files

Dear K&K:  I currently work in my family’s real estate business … We have a lot of files (documents, leases, legal documents, etc.) that go back more than twenty years. I think we need to put all of these on the computer (digitize office files), and throw out what we can, though there are documents we do need to keep. Our office manager has scanned some documents and filed them onto external memory sticks, but I feel like that is inefficient. I think the main obstacle is that the office has been run the same way for the last 30+ years and while there is a recognition and desire to get more organized we do not know where to start. Any tips, advice, suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you! Documents in Detroit

Dear Documents: What you should keep in mind is that at its core, organization is about retrieval. Can you find something when you need it at a moment’s notice without stressing out? If you can, your company’s paper & digital systems are basically organized. If you can’t? You’re not really organized and potentially losing value to inefficiencies because of it.

Yes, there are more efficient ways to digitally store older documents. We’d suggest hiring a firm to digitize documents and then set you up with an electronic data management system. This way employees can search for saved documents at their computers without wasting time figuring out which memory stick it might be on. The latter method is more time-consuming. There is a reason for that saying, time is money. It’s true. The more time people waste trying to find a document that’s been digitized, the less time they have to work on things that actually produce value. All our best! Katie & Kelly

Data management companies: SAS or Iron Mountain

Best Resource for Closets

Dear K&K: Wondering if you had any thoughts on the best resource for closets. My daughter moved to a new apt in Williamsburg last week. Great space, but bedroom has no closet. It’s not massive… 10×11, if even that. Trying to think out of the box a bit. Do you think there are options outside of IKEA that can work with someone’s small budget? I may help her out but as this is not her last dwelling, something practical would be best! She just moved in last Saturday but is surrounded by boxes. I think that novelty has worn off. Sincerely: Boxes in Brooklyn

Dear Boxes: Of course, we have a solution! Elfa’s basic closets are the bomb. Frankly, I’d probably install them in a permanent home too because they can change easily and I feel like my closet needs never stay the same forever. Anyway, you’d obviously SEE the clothes in her bedroom since she doesn’t have a closet but you could hang a top track on the ceiling for curtains like they have in hospital rooms for privacy.

Go to The Container Store (TCS) with the space dimensions including any architectural details or impediments. Next, tell them what you have clothes wise. I tell clients to literally measure the width (and length) of your hanging clothes to let them know how much long hang and short hang you need and what length each needs to be. Don’t forget to do the same for shoes. The closets are easily installed — I use TCS installation services but technically anyone can install them as it all hangs from one top track. The reason these closets are the bomb? TCS keeps a record of what you bought and when you move, you can easily bring the closet with you. I save whatever crappy closet the landlords had in there under a bed or in storage or back of a closet. After a move, you return to TCS with new closet dimensions and they can reuse a lot of what you already own. Hope that helps! Katie & Kelly

Making the Right Homes for Everything

Dear K&K: My husband drives me crazy asking where things are — batteries, light bulbs. I never move these things. They’re exactly where they were the last time he asked. I don’t think I could possibly be more organized but clearly, if he can’t find things on his own, I don’t have the right homes for everything or something!?! Crazy in Carmel

Dear Crazy: Sometimes things don’t need to make sense to live together and we’re talking possessions and people! We think you’re right that for some reason your system isn’t working for your husband. First, try asking him where he’d put the things he can never find if he were in charge. For instance, I keep stamps near my passports in a drawer with other insanely important documents. Stamps are not exactly connected to those items but it’s where I’ve always kept them. I keep doing it despite the nonsensical nature of it because it works. Two wise women once said: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Now, if your attempt to have his input craft a new system fails, then figure out what things he’s usually looking for and create a central home for all of them in one place like a drawer. Even if it doesn’t make sense to you, having things in one spot will end up limiting how many times he asks you because he will eventually learn anything he needs is in that one drawer. All our best, Katie & Kelly

Say Goodbye to Bedroom Clutter in Two Steps

Dear K&K: My husband can’t stand how I leave piles of paper on my bedside table. But, it’s where I like to do my leftover work reading after dinner. Eye roll. It’s like one pile of paper. He says bedroom clutter stresses him out and he wants the bedroom to be a place where he can relax. Do you have any suggestions to resolve our standoff?? Many thanks: Reading in Reading

Dear Reading: Ever wonder why a luxury hotel room is so relaxing when you first open the door? It’s because someone has put thought into every inch of the decor AND your pile of work reading isn’t hanging out there! That being said, old habits die hard. Therefore, the chances of you changing your reading routine are slim to none.

Now, the first step to a clutter “free ” bedroom is to get a nightstand with a cubby. One of our Organic Structure clients hides her nightstand clutter from her Classic husband’s view with one of these; it’s both open and hidden at the same time. Finally, the second step is to make sure everything else in the bedroom has a purpose and is beautiful. Hope that helps cool down tensions! All our best, Katie & Kelly

How to Put Clothes IN a Hamper

Dear K&K: How do I get my husband to put his clothes in a hamper. I think he’s a Classic Freedom based on the description on your website. He always puts his clothes on top of hamper or folds them neatly at the foot of our bed in our bedroom. It drives me crazy because it’s not that difficult. Or am I crazy?? Signed: Hampered by a hamper

Dear Hampered: Easy … and we are not trying to be glib … remove the lid from your hamper. You’d be surprised how much that one extra step hampers clothes going into a hamper. That’s step one. Now, if you’re in the market for a new hamper, get no lid hampers such as these Pehr bins. If that doesn’t do the trick? Then take his clothes and put them back in his drawers. Or, do as Kelly started doing when her husband does something similar which is to put those carefully folded clothes IN the hamper. She’s still waiting for him to notice and yell at her but hasn’t happened yet. All our best: Katie & Kelly


Group Gifts Made Easy

Dear K&K: I was thinking of asking a group of mom friends/acquaintances to go in on a group gift for a fellow mom who is about to have a baby. Is it okay to ask for money even if not everybody financially can contribute to the gift? Baby Showering in Biloxi.

Dear Baby Showering: Of course, it’s okay to ask if people want to do a group gift. If you ask via email and use a blind copy email list, those that don’t want to contribute can ignore your email or pretend they “missed” it. In addition, if you make it easy to collect money by giving your Venmo information then people can give money at whatever level fits their budget without the hassle of getting you physical cash. If you don’t have the app. then download it, it makes life SO much easier for these sorts of expenditures. All our best! Katie & Kelly

How to Live With a Squirrel When You’re Not One

Dear K & K: I was listening to your interview on NPR and I find this very interesting! I took the test and it turns out, I am the Organic Freedom type. Your description of this type fits me to the tee. I wanted to call the radio station with one question. What category does my husband fit in? I have been married for 22 years, and I am still trying to adjust to my husband’s habits. He is very neat, he puts all things in cabinets, cupboards, and closets. The problem is that he puts things wherever he finds room. I spend my life rearranging the silverware drawer, my kitchen, the shelves, dresser drawers, and everything else after my husband is done…   I think he might be a hopeless case because he knows where things belong. For example, we had a house guest one time, and she was helping him in the kitchen. Of course, she asked him where things belong because she was drying the dishes and he knew it. He just doesn’t do it. Any suggestions?  Thank you: New Fan in Illinois

Dear New Fan: Thank you SO much for listening. You’re Katie’s type so naturally, she thinks you’re awesome and feels your pain because it sounds like your husband is potentially a neatnik Classic. If they don’t see a clear organization system — and this doesn’t mean you don’t have one, it just means they don’t see it or know about it — they’ll put things away behind closed doors just to get rid of the visual clutter. The solution for dealing with these little clutter squirrels is three-pronged.

First, find a home for everything in your home and make sure it’s in its place. Second and this is potentially more important, give him a tour as if he’s the new guy in the office — a.k.a. your home — and you want to help him succeed. Then, review each and every system with him. Tell him what goes where and what NEVER goes where. We’d suggest doing it room by room over a period of time. Also, you need to be clear that some things are always going to need to be out in the open — you’re an Organic Freedom, THIS IS A MUST. But, make sure this visual clutter has proper homes — transparent bins/attractive bulletin board. Then, tell him “DO NOT TOUCH”.

If these two steps fail, ask him how he thinks you should change your organizational systems since he clearly knows they exist but doesn’t always pay heed. Essentially, convey to him that something must not be working for him and you want to make sure the house works for him and not just you. Finally, if that fails then we’d just put his personality type down as … stubborn! 😉 Hope that helps!! All our best, Katie & Kelly