Tipsy In Tennessee

Dear Katie & Kelly,

I have a friend who keeps saying she wants to quit drinking during our weekly brunches on Sunday, but then the next time we’re out together, she’s got that ever present drink in her hand. I want to be supportive and hold her to her pledges, but I’m not sure if she really is an alcoholic or not. I’ve always just assumed she was one of those relaxed Organic Freedoms. Should I just keep my mouth shut, or should I tell her she to get help?

Tipsy in Tennessee


Dear Tipsy,
Often I just take a passive, supportive route when people tell me they want to stop drinking. Not like it’s happened a gazillion times but a few. I tell them I have several friends who used to drink, decided to stop, started attending AA, and got really happy. I’ve found these words resonate with people who truly have a problem and they often ask about these anonymous friends at a later date. They want to know more about this path. If they don’t have a drinking problem and were temporarily self-medicating, usually they stop talking about not drinking because they don’t drink as much anymore. Feel free to steal my anonymous friends and make them your own during your next brunch if she’s still talking about quitting.

All our best,
Katie & Kelly

Friend In Need?

Dear Katie & Kelly,

I think one of my close friends has a drinking problem. Is there anything I can do to help her? I don’t know her personality type. I’m an Organic Structure.

Concerned in Canton


Dear Concerned,

There isn’t much you can do other than love them, set boundaries if they need to be set, and if you’re of the praying nature, pray that they eventually want to help themselves. Sorry we can’t offer much more but this is passed down from us from people in the know. And addiction knows no personality boundaries so that’s why we didn’t address it.

Take care,
Katie & Kelly