Bedding protectors are technically overkill

Dear K & K: My mother-in-law is obsessed with those covers you zip on mattresses and pillows to protect against bed bugs and other allergens. I can’t stand sleeping on them because they’re hard and plastic and crunch every time I move. Plus, it’s overkill! I say, replace your pillows every few years and call it a day. Right or wrong? Signed, Righteous in Redding.

Dear Righteous: Well, you’re both right and wrong. If you’re a Classic or a Fun, you’re dead wrong. Protectors are not overkill because you’re willing to do the extra steps they require to be cleaner and appreciate the thrifty aspect of delaying additional bedding purchases. As an aside, bedding protectors shouldn’t make noise. The one pictured above is “soft and silent” as they should be. Buy it here.

Let us be clear, however. No matter what your personality type, if you’ve got children, you need to buy them for all of their pillows and bedding. It just takes your kids first bout with the stomach flu to learn this tidbit the hard way.

NOW, you’re dead RIGHT if you’re an Organic Freedom or Smart Freedom. You guys need to get new bedding when you get to the point that you’re shocked by how gross your pillow looks when you change your sheets. Finally, Organic Structures and Smart Structures will be the wild card. Hope that helps! Katie & Kelly

Routine Problem Solving

Dear Katie & Kelly,

I’m an Organic Freedom and need to lose weight and get into shape but I have trouble sticking to a routine. I’m always starting something and then dropping it. Do you have any advice?

Desperate in Duluth


Dear Desperate,

First, there is a great personality type book on fitness called the Eight Colors of Fitness, buy it & follow her advice. Alternatively, partner up with someone incredibly rigid about routine and who also wants to lose weight — preferably they should also be pushy so they will force you to workout when you try to break your routine. Next hire a personal trainer who you pay to ignore any attempt on your part to break routine. Once you’re in shape, you will eventually go back to breaking your routine since you can’t stand your workout buddy and your personal trainer is probably a nihilist. Trying is better than doing nothing, right?

You can do it!
Katie & Kelly